Union 34 Men’s Paragon Long Sleeve Shirt – Review

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  1. Neil says:

    I wonder how odour-resilient it is over time given the fabrics involved. Most nylon stuff just starts to stink after a while, no matter how much you wash it. Things like Vanish Extra Hygiene can help though…

  2. Seth says:

    Great looking shirt. Could see this as quite a nice go-to for daily use.

  3. Todd says:

    Nice review. The shirt perhaps isn’t too ‘office’ yet does both smart and casual very well. Also I think you need to see and feel the shirt to get an idea of the fabric. It’s has a more natural feel than you’d expect than when you try visual a man made fabric. The fabric iteself was careful selected for its many qualities and doesn’t look shiny and ‘performance’. I know what I think of when I hear the words nylon, spandex, and cycling all in the same sentence and this certainly isn’t that!

  4. James Donaldson says:

    These are currently available at a hearty discount at http://www.sportpursuit.com. They run time limited sales so they’re only there until about the 4th of March.
    They’ve also got Howies kit up at the moment, it’s searching for a review of their merino polo shirt that brought me here.
    Despite the spammy tone of this email I’m not connected in any way. They do have some great deals from some good brands though.

    Of course they do have a wee reward scheme if you sign up with this link http://www.sportpursuit.com/join/tdc 😉

  5. Ed says:

    Good review. Was searching some reviews on this brand as currently Rutland Leisure on Ebay have some big discounts on this brand.

    These shirts are currently £15.50 delivered so might be worth a punt.

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