Road Rags Ltd Merino Stylish Cycling Clothing

Road Rags Merino Cycling ClothesThanks to Gerry from Cyclr, the DC discovered a new clothing range that’s just perfect for us cycling types. A range of merino clothing from a company called Road Rags.

Four different styles of tops and a pair of women’s leggings.

Three style of tops for the boys – The short sleeve, double ribbed crew neck Hoxton for £95.

Another short sleeve number, the Shoreditch for £130, a half zip with a double ribbed sleeve and neck and the long sleeve high neck Smithfield for £115.

The girls merino jersey is cut to flatter and fit the female form, we start with the long sleeve Clerkenwell for £125 which includes a tail and pocket at the back. The Holborn leggings for £90 are designed for comfort and have an integral skirt with a fine attention to detail.

A very sleek and elegant collection of merino cycling jerseys all finished to a high standard and quality look.

Definitely at the start of it’s adventure. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the collection grow but for now here’s a closer look at the Road Rags range.

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