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Stylish Cycling Clothes – Selection #001

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It’s been a busy old week here at the Discerning Cyclist filled with pictures, meeting, greeting new people and of course a good chunk of looking around and seeing what’s out there. Lots of great gear popping up that’s fitting of the tag – discerning. Still a lot more that could pop up, especially women’s trousers if you’ve been following our discussions over on our twitter stream @discerningcyc.
Saying that we’ve seen some wonderful examples of functional, great looking gear ideal for the smart commuter and we’ve gathered together a few suggestions for you to take a look at and maybe help fill a void in your cycling gear wardrobe.
Stylish Cycling Clothes
1. Rapha Winter Jersey
Available from Rapha for £160. A great tailored and styled jersey built for one purpose – warmth.
2. Chada Stretch Chinos
Available from Howies for £69. A well constructed pair of trousers with the rigours of cycling taken into account. Great urban look for commuting and being about town.
3. Soft Core Wool Vest
Available from Outlier for $240. A warm and unique fashionable look will add a nice layer of warmth during early evening ride’s home.
4. Malin Merino Crew Jumper
Available from Finisterre for £95. This jumper just looks like the definition of warmth and comfort. Made from merino be nice to mix it with the Core Vest for a toasty cycle commute.
5. Converse Jack Purcell Leather Sneakers
Available from Mr. Porter for £70. Converse know what they’re doing here giving a casual urban styled sneaker that has a slick and minimal design that will last for quite a while.
6. Herringbone Wool Jacket
Available from H & M for £39.99. A highly fashionable and traditional looking wool jacket that gives you a low cost, great quality piece of smart cycling clothing.

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