Rehook Review – Can It Really Get Your Bike Chain Back on in 3 Seconds?

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I hate carrying extra stuff with me when I ride.

My normal ride consists of about a 4km journey into the town where I then go into my co-working space.

If I get a puncture, whatever. There’s a bike shop I can pop into and get it sorted.

However, one slightly annoying occurrence is that my bike chain comes off more frequently than it should. It tends to happen at the bike rack.

Sometimes this is because I waggle the bike a bit too vigorously as I’m moving the wheel out of the slow, and sometimes it’s because those darn pesky kids/drunkards decide to knock my bike over when I have naively left my bike there overnight – ironically because I may have had a few beers myself (I’m pretty sure I’m not aforementioned hoodlum, though… I hope).

Fortunately, putting a bike chain back on isn’t that hard.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to do without redecorating your hands.

my hands after touching My hands after long day of work the chain of my bike for VS 0.000001 sec

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One day, Wayne Taylor was another bike chain victim. Not only his dropped chain caused him to be late to a meeting, but it also meant he was covered in oil.

Unlike most others though, Wayne didn’t accept this as a part of cycling life. He went out and created Rehook in order to solve the problem.

And after strong sales, he did what any aspiring British entrepreneur looking for investment would do… he went on Dragon’s Den!

Unlike most other hopefuls that go on the show, though, Wayne didn’t get burned. On the contrary, in fact, as you can see in the impressive clip below.

  • Practicality
  • Value
  • Ease of Use


The Rehook is a compact tool designed to quickly and easily reattach a fallen bike chain while out on a ride, without the need for tools or dirty hands. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket and is compatible with most bike chains.


  • Easy to use
  • Can store on bike
  • Keeps your hands clean
  • Very light


  • You may have a cheaper alternative

What is Rehook?

Rehook is a simple tool with which you can put your chain back on your bike. And in under three seconds – if you have the knack (it takes my untrained fingers more like six seconds).

It’s made from plastic and is extremely light (just 20 grams). And – importantly for people like me who don’t want to carry tools around – it can be easily and discreetly attached to your bike for when you need it.

How Does Rehook Work?

To get your chain back on with Rehook you can need to use Rehook to grab your chain, take it over the top of the gears and then use it as a handle to spin it back into position, as you can see in the clip below.

Rehook Review: Worth it?

If you’re happy to use tissues or risk getting covered in oil when putting your chain back on, carry on as you were.

But for me, Rehook is the perfect commuter tool.

It helps me get my chain back easily and without getting covered in oil. It’s also lightweight and can be kept on your bicycle at all times.

Rehook costs £12.99 (which is more than tissues, but less than dry cleaning).

Rehook Get your chain back on your bike in 3 seconds. Without the mess present for any cyclist or gadget lover
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