H&M Merino Wool Jumper – Review

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H&M Merino Wool Jumper – Review

H&M Merino JumperH & M. What can I say about them. I love the place, stylish gear for relatively cheap prices. They seem to keep an eye on what’s out there and then produce similar items that don’t hurt the pocket quite as much. Not all if any of the products are functional enough for the rigours of regular cycling, but some items come along that may just tick some of the DC’s boxes.

Something that caught my eye with great interest was when I happened upon the Merino Wool Jumper in their new autumn 2012 collection. We all know the quality of Merino and that you pay for that, so when I saw that a 100% merino jumper was on sale for just £19.99 I had to take a closer look to see if it were good enough to be used as a layer in my cycling adventures across the Liverpool/Wirral borders.

Okay the quality and function is never going to match the Howies’ Jesse Polo or other merino wool top’s specifically made for their outdoors and cycling, but H&M’s version offers a stylish and more affordable alternative. Almost £40 cheaper than the Howies short sleeve polo (so you’re getting sleeves as well) and a whooping £105.01 cheaper than Rapha’s new long sleeve Merino Jersey this H&M feels nice on and feels a good fit.

A great idea for the cool days, probably not the very cold days, maybe mixed with a cotton shirt below with a coat or even the Vulpine Gillet (for example) will add a nice mid layer to your cycling journey and mean you’re still looking sharp when you reach your destination, nice and toasty.

H&M Merino Red Jumper

It’s got a real nice stylish fit to it, not too tight and not too baggy which aids with the functional side of cycling. Available in seven colours which is something I’ve not seen in merino much – especially the range of colours that are available, burgundy to black, red to blue its refreshing to see so many variations.

It’s a lovely jumper. At a great price and yes it’s main function is to look nice rather than be used as a proper mid-layer for cycling but I couldn’t pass on showcasing a jumper made from merino at such a great price.

In short a stylish yet affordable great piece of clothing that will proudly take its place in the Discerning Cyclist’s wardrobe.

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