Alchemy Bikes Review: Are These Premium Bicycles Worth It?

alchemy bikes review

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The phrase “direct-to-rider” bikes might have you scratching your head – not least if you’re used to getting your bike shipped or picking it up from a local store.

But this business model is the driving force behind Alchemy.

A morning visiting the brand’s Rocky Mountains HQ might involve a tour of their exquisite showroom. It could mean a trial ride, or a measurements session accompanied with an artisan-roasted espresso.  

Once you’re back home, the  brand’s eight-strong team of fabricators will then craft a bike bespoke to you – and courier it straight to your door

It’s a step-up from screwing on your own seat post.

But how does Alchemy hold up in reviews?

alchemy bikes fact sheet

Who are Alchemy?

Alchemy are an ambitious Colorado bike brand – with a growing reputation. With a small-but-mighty team of eight, they oversee your bike, from fabrication all the way through to delivery. 

They were founded by Ryan Cannizzaro back in 2008. Their offering includes all-dayers, gravel, road, and mountain bikes.

They also build something that can’t be sold: longstanding relationships with their riders.

What do Alchemy specialize in?

Alchemy’s distinguishing feature is their small-scale, low milage production.

With everything from prototyping to welding done in-house, they maintain build quality at every step. Alchemy say that while the traditional bike shop model is great for selling bikes, their approach makes for a better ride.

With precision components and beautiful geometry, these bikes have premium prices. Frame and fork, for example, start at around $5,000 on their ultra-lightweight AU collection.

Are Alchemy Bikes Good?

If you’re tailoring each bike to your customer, it’s only natural that riding experience will vary from person to person.

Reviewers have called models like the Arktos and the AU range light, reponsive and comfortable.

To say the compententry is high-spec is an understatement. Along with a premium Shimano drive-train, features like David Earle’s SINE Suspension platform makes for versatile performance machines that we imagine should handle tricky terrain well and climb nicely. 

Is Alchemy a Good Brand?

Collated reviews for Alchemy – on sites like Google – are almost five-star – four-point-seven at the time of writing, in fact. Staff names are reassuringly dropped and personal praise is given freely – showing that their customer-oriented approach isn’t just a savvy marketing ploy.

A high rating, like this one, gives an indication of Alchemy’s burgeoning status and speaks to public appreciation for features like their lifetime guarantee.

Where are Alchemy Bikes Made?

Alchemy’s bikes are manufactured in their workshop in Colorado – a boon if you like your bikes beautiful and local.  

Even their exquisitely-welded frames are painted by an in-house team of artists. Using their polymer-ceramic mix, they’ll paint according to your exact specifications

They also sell “off-the-peg” bikes like the Arktos – a highly capable enduro model, according to customer reviews.

Do Alchemy Sell E-Bikes?

Yes! Alchemy do sell e-bikes. Their eRonin is an acclaimed electric gravel bike that, like the rest of their line, is handmade by experts in their Colorado workshop. It can, of course, be ordered online.

Expect a streamlined integrated design with a powerful mid-frame drive system. It comes with the same DARE golden promise as the analogue models. This means you can return the bike for any reason in the rare event the ride isn’t right for you. 

alchemy bikes product round up

Alchemy Bikes Review

If you’re considering becoming one of Alchemy’s loyal customers, we’ve got a line-up of some of their popular products.

While they’re expanding their line into the UK, we haven’t had the luck to ride one yet – but with an ever increasing reach, we hope that day will come soon.

Best Alchemy E-Bikes

  1. alchemy arktos 125 e-bike

    Efficient and Exciting

    Arktos 125

    A rugged, playful premium mountain bike inspired by the trails of the brand’s new Rocky Mountains home.

  2. alchemy atlas all road bike

    Agile and Adaptable

    Atlas All-Road

    A slick performance road bike that’s tough and compact enough to deliver when the tarmac runs out

  3. alchemy atlast au bike

    Light as a Feather

    Atlas AU

    Alchemy call the Atlas AU ‘ultra-light and ultra-reponsive’. Crafted from high modulus carbon, we wouldn’t expect anything less.

  4. alchemy lycos gravel bike

    New and Noteworthy


    A ‘stiff and snappy’ new gravel bike that the brand say is worthy of the the USA’s knottiest singletracks.

  5. alchemy eronin gravel e-bike



    eRonin is the first of its kind: the only American-made carbon e-gravel bike. Designed to keep you in the saddle for longer.

  6. alchemy ti e-bike

    An Updated Staple

    Ronin Ti

    A luxury all-dayer with the durability and long lifespan of Titanium at its literal core

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