Prevelo Review: Are These Kids Bikes Any Good?

prevelo bikes review

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Who Are Prevelo?

Prevelo are a bit nerdy about kids bikes by their own admission. Founded by Jacob Rehuban, the firm’s mission is clear. To design and manufacture bicycles specifically for children and ensure they are simple to ride, boosting a kid’s enjoyment and confidence.

The owner began tinkerring away at someone else’s bike and adding on parts. But the finesse and attention to detail in measurement of geometry that would put a physicist to shame is the company’s USP.

Keeping the frame angles tighter and the riding position lower to the ground inspires younger riders through an efficient pedalling style and comfortable handling. The lightweight materials reflect the dedication and commitment to respecting their younger customers’ requirements.

prevelo bikes fact sheet

What Does Prevelo Specialise In?

The brand focus is clearly on light and strong bikes, made from high quality materials for younger riders who have fun riding and will instil a love of cycling which might come to them earlier in life than users of other bikes. Maybe the geek or aesthete is in the parents of Prevelo riders, too. 

The focus on lightweight frame materials, wedded to optional proprietary components such as cranks, will give a kid a riding experience unlike that of their friends whose parent buy off the shelf.

The options also provide more kerb appeal for kids too, with the chance for adding individual flavour to the stock ride.

Are Prevelo Bikes Good?

The Prevelo brand is well thought of by a wide range of cycling experts. It’s refreshing to see that key reviewers like Outside, Bike Radar, and even the Financial Times feature their machines. The business expert’s bible places them amongst the Americas’ fastest-growing companies for this year.

The range of bikes feature highly on multiple terrains, which is unusual for a kid’s machine. Normally, design and build focusses on asphalt, so surprises come in the form of testers from Berm Peak and Two Wheeling Tots, who all give props for the all-terrain bikes.

The feedback from kids is obviously a crucial test for parents and designers of Prevelo bikes. It seems that they couldn’t wait to jump back on after a ride. Having two kids gave Travis Reill the chance to write in Singletracks about their well-built aluminium frames, rear lever brakes and even internal cable routing. My gravel bike lacks that particular style cue!

Travis’ kids road-tested the Alpha Zero and Zulu Three models. He noticed his six-year-old son develop a much more recognisable pedalling style and praised the latter model for things like tubeless options and high-quality, reliable components never seen before on kids’ bikes.

A child riding a Prevelo bike in the forest
Prevelo bikes are made for young cyclists.

Is Prevelo A Good Brand?

One characteristic of a good brand is to have a perception of good value that matches customer expectations. In this marketplace, the need for a cost-effective bike for each phase of the kid’s growth is crucial. I think Prevelo is a good brand because the cost of their machines does not reflect this idea that kids bikes are quickly replaced.

It’s important also to have an excellent delivery of the desired benefits of the brand. This means happy kids having fun. Toy manufacturers spend millions researching this. The beauty of bike riding is instant feedback and no need for focus groups answering questions around a table.

A kid will notice how a Prevelo feels underneath them and their smiles should be straightforward to monetise.

Being competitive, relevant and a bit of an outlier is helpful to any brand. The focus and determination to producing a kid-centric, light and well thought out ride wihch make a child’s development and confidence brighter on their bike seems to reflect the relevance and values of the Prevelo brand.

Where Are Prevelo Bikes Made? 

Prevelo Bikes, like the overwhelming majority of bike brands in the market today, are made in Asia. In Prevelo’s case, Taiwan and China. The brains trust resides in the USA – where most of the R&D, design and development takes place. They ship the bikes from Westlake Village in California.

Does Prevelo Make E-Bikes?

The Prevelo range is designed for kids. In most countries, e-bikes can only be ridden on public roads by those aged 14 years of age or older. It’s for this reason that we would guess that Prevelo only make balance bikes and pedal bikes which don’t benefit from electric power.

Prevelo Bikes Review

The evidence from the kids bikes and general cycling press is clear. Prevelo bikes are well thought of and you can take your pick of the reasons why. Starting with the frame, the most important part of the bike. The thoughtfulness behind a more slammed seatpost really allows for growth into the bike and maximising the value of the frame life. 

Frames have a quasi step-through design for comfort in getting on and off the bike. The accessories and in-house components called Heir show well. The specially designed shorter crank arms and their thoughtful construction are also highly thought off. Customer service is seen as good overall. Seeing WTB, normally a grown-ups brand, boosts the wow factor.

As well as a USA online shop, there is also UK distribution. Some of the models come with a base bike or the optional Heir model, which will include more of the Heir bespoke kit at an increased price.

prevelo bikes product round up

Best Prevelo Bikes

There are 11 bikes in the Prevelop US store. Prices range from $219 for the Alpha Zero and top out at $1,099 for the 26-inch wheel Zulu 5, which is the wheel size used by young adults and even smaller frame adult riders. The featured models are all at the base range but it’s just a click on the US store to click to the tricked out Heir version.

  1. prevelo zulu five bike

    Grown-Up Attitude To MTB Riding

    Zulu Five

    Prevelo packs all their expertise into a great looking MTB. Suspension forks top off an excellent frame. A full-size rear derailleur and wide gear range supports grown up riding.

  2. prevelo alpha five bike

    An All-Purpose Bike for Pre-Teens

    Alpha Five

    This bike has a thoughtful design and wide colour range. Kids like customisation and you get the chance for lettering as well as the usual bell and stand. Great frame and accessories.

  3. prevelo alpha one bike

    Balancing Style with Ruggedness

    Alpha One

    This lovely mover of a junior bike has both back and front brakes, good looking tyres and a very friendly rounded-hub detail. A real eye-catcher and will want to be handed down.

  4. prevelo alpha three bike

    Big Brother to the Alpha One

    Alpha Three

    A grown up Alpha One with the same great design, seatpost length maximisation and wide cassette for kids up to nine years old.

  5. prevelo zulu four bike

    Mini Mountain Muncher

    Zulu Four

    This cool kids dirt path or single-track bike should be mandatory for off-road cycle proficiency tests if there was one. Suspension forks for 8-11 year olds and a 1x drivetrain. A thing of beauty.

  6. Hydraulic Disc Brakes For Your Four-Year-Old. Beat That.

    Zulu Two

    This bike aimed at a four to six year old should have it’s own TV show featuring all the adventures your kid will have riding it. The design cures, high quality frame and beautiful colours will actually generate kerb-envy.

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