1. Consider a Bike Fit

This one may be expensive, but it could be completely life-altering. Therefore, the cost is very much worth it. Bike fitting is available all over the world and is also available for all styles of bikes.

2. Comfy Saddle

Get a saddle that you find comfy. What others find comfortable doesn’t necessarily matter, as women’s bodies differ greatly. It is very important to test different saddles out. But a comfy saddle that suits you will make a whole world of difference. No one likes to be numb or sore in the nether regions, especially while riding a bike!

3. Comfy Padded Shorts That Suit You

Find a comfy pair of padded cycling shorts that suit you. Online bike retailers can be a great place to start, but going into a local bike shop is also a good way to get a feel for the materials and see the padding.

4. Padded Gloves

Now for potentially our lowest cost tip: padded gloves. Many women notice pain in the palms of their hands when riding a bike, which is why padded gloves are another great tip for ensuring maximum comfort. Padded gloves can come in a range of sizes and designs.