1. E-Bikes Will Help You Save Money

The cost of running a car is becoming astronomical, and for many people, it’s not justifiable anymore. Insurance, fuel, and maintenance: the costs are going through the roof, and money is going out the window. E-bikes, on the other hand, are comparatively cheap.

2. There Are Tax Breaks & Subsidies for E-Bike Use

With a global push for sustainable transport, governments and councils are seeing massive potential for electric vehicles. All over the world, there are various tax breaks, subsidies, and initiatives designed to facilitate the purchase and use of e-bikes.

3. E-Bikes Have Great Range

Almost none of us are quite as fit and healthy as we would like to be, and while we might be able to handle a few kilometers on a regular bike, our range is a bit limited. E-bikes can help us to travel further. Many e-bikes have a range of over 100km, some even doubling that.

4. E-Bikes Are Breaking Stereotypes

They’re quietly graceful. You don’t need special clothes or legs like Chris Hoy to benefit greatly from using one. You can arrive at your destination in your regular outfit, presentable, cool, and collected.