1. Wielercafe Cyklist, Eindhoven

In the center of Eindhoven, we’ve got Cyklist. Far from being a snobby cycle shop, Cyklist is a welcoming environment that integrates and celebrates all things cycling. In fact, it’s best described as a meeting place for everyone.


2. Pas Normal Studios, Seoul

While not an independent, the Seoul store is one of the most remarkable flagships from Pas Normal Studios. Known for its exquisite, uncompromising cycling apparel, the premium Danish cycling brand has opened up a few bike cafes around the world, from Copenhagen to San Francisco.


3. Rapha Clubhouse, London

It would hardly be fair to have a list of bike cafes and not include Rapha. The legendary cycling brand launched the Clubhouses in 2012, and the first-ever was in the British capital. Following an expansion in 2021, it relaunched with a bigger retail space, cafe area, increased stock, and even a dedicated exhibition space.


4. On Y Va, Barcelona

For a celebration of the cycling lifestyle in the Catalan Capital, you’ve got On Y Va. On Y Va, meaning let’s go in French, was born as a place to share and relive experiences with astounding coffee as the common context. Now, with a few locations across Barcelona, their cycling store in Sarria is the go-to place for the city’s growing number of cyclists.