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6 Tips for Cycling In the Winter

During the summer months, getting on a bike and logging miles sounds energizing and joyful, but during the winter months, it can be difficult to find the motivation needed to continue your healthy habits.

While it can be frustrating to get outside in the freezing temperatures, there are many benefits that a cycling habit has for your life. From burning calories to releasing stress, cycling helps strengthen individuals both physically and mentally.

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In this article, we will share six tips for sustaining your cycling routine in the winter.

1. Have the Right Gear

Having the right gear is critical for maintaining your habits in the winter. Gear should be reflective and warm. Make sure to have thick clothing that can be layered but does not inhibit your ability to ride with speed.

Reflective gear prevents car accidents in the dark hours of the evenings and the mornings. But if you do get in a car accident, you can contact a company like the St. Petersburg car accident lawyer for assistance.

2. Lay Out Your Clothes

In order to maintain your motivation to get up in the cold mornings of the winter, lay out your clothes on your bedside the night before.

The less preparation you have to do in the mornings, the better. You can wake up and get dressed before you remember the cold temperatures that are awaiting you outside.

3. Treat Yourself

Develop small incentives that keep you motivated to continue cycling. If you cycle over 18 days in a month, get a new piece of gear that you have been eyeing.

If you cycle everyday in a week, treat yourself to your favorite dessert or cocktail. These small treats will keep you motivated to stay motivated, even when it is difficult.

4. Get Your Bike Maintained Regularly

The cold weather can cause your tire pressure to falter and rust to accrue on your bike. Instead of riding on a malfunctioning bike, have your vehicle maintained regularly.

When you have a bike that is not operating smoothly, your ride will be unenjoyable. When your bike is maintained on a regular basis, you can maximize your effort and ensure that each ride is smooth.


5. Find a Friend 

Having accountability on your winter rides increases your motivation to continue riding even on the coldest days. Having a friend to share the experience with helps the time go by faster. Together, you can set goals that will help you persevere through the dark winter months.

And that’s not all, riding with others is a great way to learn more about cycling – especially if you’re a beginners. Whether it’s how to tackle a difficult junction, road position or even bike maintenance, it’s amazing how much confidence you can build by finding a bicycle buddy.

6. Pick the Right Route

Having the right trail makes a bike ride go by much quicker. Choose a path that has an area where you can stop to go to the restroom.

The perfect trail will have a place where you can stop to warm up if you absolutely need to.

What is the distance that you like to go? The trail that you outline should have various segments that can be added or subtracted to make your ride longer or shorter.

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