What is the Best Way to Sell a Bike? [STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE]

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If you’re looking to sell your bicycle to make room for an upgrade, or even just having a much needed clear out, knowing the best way to sell a bike can make a big difference.

This doesn’t just streamline the process to ease stress, but also ensures your beloved bike is fully utilised in its next life! 

What is the Best Way to Sell a Bicycle?

Deciding on the best way to sell your bike should begin with establishing its value in its current state. This includes considering wear and tear, the age of parts, and any damage that may be visible. 

A great idea would be to check in with your cycling friends, or even fellow club members (if you’re part of a cycling club). It’s an easy way to see if there’s any immediate interest in the bike you’re selling. 

Word of mouth is arguably the best way to sell your bicycle. It saves on time and energy, as there’s no need to list it online, or on a notice board. However, if this doesn’t suit you, there are other methods that are very effective.


Where is the Best Place to Sell a Bike? 

There are some great places to sell your bicycle both on and offline. Bear in mind that some places may take a cut of your sale. For others, you’ll need to obtain permission before your bike can be listed. 

However, rest assured, there’s a marketplace for everyone! 

Training Facility Notice Board

Firstly, listing your bike on a notice board at a local cycling facility is a great way to generate interest. It’s in a targeted area, and people who ride bikes also buy bikes. This is a great option, regardless of the type of bike you’re selling. 

Asking to post an advert on a notice board at your local track or cycling club can be a cost effective, efficient way of ensuring your target audience sees your goods.

At A Bike Race 

Similarly, selling a bike at a race is another brilliant way to have your bike seen by fellow cyclists. Taking your bike along and popping a ‘for sale’ sign on can generate rapid interest. Once again, it’s a cheap (or free!) way to advertise. 

Potential buyers will be able to see your bike in the flesh, and decide on the spot if they’re interested. This weeds out potential time wasters, who can often be found online. 

Facebook Bike Selling Groups

Although mostly used for keeping in contact with friends and family, Facebook also has a bustling online marketplace. This can be a great place to sell bikes. 

There are also closed groups you can join that specifically sell bikes, and bike related goods. There’s likely to be a group for your local area regardless of where you’re based, with members including riders of all types and levels.



Another option is to list your second-hand bicycle on a site like Gumtree. This is a great place to advertise, as people can filter for local listings – making the transaction quick and easy. 

Advertising your bike on sites like this can generate significant interest. Potential buyers often search these sites looking for a bargain, and are willing to travel outside of their local area for one! Therefore, it’s likely your listing will have a substantial reach. 

Recycle Now 

Recycle Now doesn’t actually help you sell, or buy your bicycle from you. However, it’s a great option to consider if you’re in a position to recycle or donate, instead of selling for financial gain. 

The Recycle Now website directs you to local places, organisations, and charities, where you can donate your bike (or other goods) to help those less fortunate. 

This means you can donate your bike to a good cause instead of waiting for a buyer. Alternatively, through this method your parts may also be salvaged and reused. it’s a great socially responsible, eco-friendly, and sustainable option.


Can You Sell Bikes on eBay? 

Yes, you can sell bikes on eBay! It’s actually a very popular site for bike sales, and can be a fast and efficient way of getting rid of your bike if you’re pressed for time. 

To sell on eBay, firstly you need to create an account. Next, take some good, clear photos of your bike. Make sure you include pictures of any damage to the paint, or to parts like the frame, or the wheels. 

You’ll also need to choose the format you’d like to sell your bicycle under. On eBay this will either be an online auction, or a ‘Buy it Now’ listing, where you set the price. This option might be preferable if you’re looking to sell your bike quickly, as you don’t need to wait for bids to roll in.

If you’d prefer to list your bike under the traditional auction/bidding format, you can set a minimum reserve to help ensure your bike won’t sell for less than you’d like. 

Remember that with either option, eBay will take a cut of your sale profit. Therefore, it’s important to carefully read the terms and conditions before committing to sell on the platform.

Overall however, it’s a good place to generate interest, as it’s a popular site for second-hand bike sales.

How Can I Sell My Bike Fast? 

If you’d like to sell your bike fast then, the best way would be to use a mixture of the above methods. This will help create a wider reach, and increase exposure to a range of potential buyers.

Another option would be to set a low asking price for your bike. This is a good way to sell your bike quickly, but won’t be a good option for those looking to generate funds from the sale. Your bike could end up selling for a lot less than the current market value. 

Halfords also have a scheme called Re-Cycle. You can donate your old bike, which is sent to Africa, and given to people in rural communities to use for transport. This can be a great way to get rid of your bike fast, for a good cause. 


Fastest Ways to Sell a Bike 

If time is of the essence then the fastest way to sell your bike would be to list it on a range of online selling sites and forums (including Facebook groups), and to set the price low. This will attract people looking for a bargain. 

As we’ve covered, you could also consider donating your bicycle to charity, if you’re in a position to do so. It’s a quick option if you’re short on time or space, and the charity will either reuse your parts, or refurbish the bike and gift it to those in need. 

How Much Should I Sell My Bike For? 

How much you should sell your bike for depends on a few factors. These include its age, condition, and any previous damage. You’ll also need to take into account any work that’s been done on the bike, such as carbon repairs. 

However, the first step would be to research bikes that are the same make and model, and see how much they’ve been listed for. Remember to also check how much they’ve sold for! This will help to give you an idea of a fair asking price. 

If you’ve tried to research but haven’t been able to find anything similar to use as a comparison, it’s worth asking a local bike shop for their opinion. Often, they’ll have a good idea of a fair price point. They may even know of a potential buyer!

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