Where to Find a Cheap Bike During the Cycling Boom

The coronavirus pandemic has been a harrowing, devastating few months for so many people for so many reasons, but it has at least seen a sharp upturn in bikes being ridden regularly. Indeed, in England alone there’s been as many as 8.9 million people cycling during ‘these unprecedented times’.

But this new cycling craze has led to the old ‘supply and demand’ conundrum – just last week, the Financial Times reported that there is currently a worldwide shortage of bikes simply because so many more people want one.

So, where are the best places to buy a bike right now? Sure, it may be more a challenge given they’re in shorter supply, but you can get them if you’re quick – and at an affordable price if you’re savvy.

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Where to Find a Cheap Bike

Covid -19 Bike Virus - Free photo on Pixabay

If you’re looking first-hand, we’d strongly recommend Decathlon, who have a huge range of great-value bikes; from road to mountain bicycles, hybrid to electric bikes, and everything in-between.

Currently, Decathlon also have a note on their website advising customers the following:

“We currently have limited capacity to build bikes in our warehouse. Due to this, we are limiting the number of bikes we sell per day and you might not be able to process your order at checkout.

The count resets at 11pm every day so that would be the best time to try, although we do have a peak of attempts at this time so we can’t guarantee a slot for everyone.”

So, if you want to boost your chances of not only finding the right bike but also at a lower price than elsewhere, a late-night browse on Decathlon is your best bet.

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Alternatively, given the high demand, the second-hand market is also flying, so there’s never been a better time to sell your bike if you’re not using it.

If this applies to you, look no further than Bikesoup, the website tailored for this sort of wheeling and dealing with almost 3,500 models to mull over from as cheap as merely £20 in some cases.

Matthew Chandler

Matthew Chandler

Matthew is a freelance sports journalist from Warrington, England. A keen cyclist, he is a regular contributor to Discerning Cyclist, as well as FourFourTwo, Click Liverpool and Royal Blue Mersey. See Matthew's Muck Rack profile

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