What Happened to Levi’s Commuter Jeans? [DISCONTINUED?]

What happened to Levi

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Once a popular choice amongst cyclists with an eye for style, Levi’s Commuter jeans appear to have vanished from the market. With no official explanation being offered, people have been left to speculate on what happened to the Commuter line.

What is Levi’s “Commuter” Range?

The Levi’s Commuter Range was a clothing line designed for cyclists. It featured jeans and jackets with inbuilt cycling functionality. Jackets included stowaway hoods, while jeans were water resistant and had reflective panels. 

The range was designed to fuse Levi’s classic style with the functionality of cycling gear. Levi’s cycling jeans were specifically engineered for increased flexibility. The jeans had a high waist, and included an extra layer under the seat for cushioning and comfort.

The collection was released in 2011, and generated a lot of interest among cyclists.

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Has Levi’s 511 Range Been Discontinued?

The bad news for Levi’s loving cyclists is that the range was discontinued in 2018. The women’s line was first to be axed, and the men’s range followed shortly afterwards. Levi’s didn’t make an official announcement, and the products simply disappeared from their website.

The lack of any official clarification means that many cyclists still search for the jeans, and try to find out if and when they were discontinued. Levi’s appear to have moved on from cycling apparel. It doesn’t seem likely that these items will return to stores any time soon.


Why Did Levi’s Stop Making Commuter Jeans?

Levi’s commuter jeans were discontinued because they were more expensive to make. The additional layer and added accessories pushed the price tag up. Customers simply weren’t willing to pay extra. In response, Levi’s discontinued the line.

The jeans were popular amongst cyclists. However, with the target market being smaller, there was a lot more pressure on Levi’s budget.

The company also faced competition from other specialist cycling apparel brands. Many of these had been around for much longer, and already established a brand presence within the cycling world.

Levi's Commuter jeans were discontinued because they were more expensive to make.

Where to Buy Levi’s Commuter Jeans

While Levi’s Commuter range has been discontinued and is no longer available on the Levi’s website, there is a limited stock available with some resellers, including:

Levi’s 511 Alternatives

Levi’s Commuter jeans might be a thing of the past, but cyclists are spoiled for choice when it comes to good quality, stylish, durable legwear.

DUER All Weather denim are an obvious and popular choice. These jeans feature a waterproof membrane, and reflective detailing on the cuffs and waistband. Their cotton/polyester and Lycra blend is breathable and flexible.

These jeans have a vintage style similar to Levi’s. They also pair well with stylish cycling footwear.

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Osloh Traffic are the jeans of choice for demanding cyclists. They’re reinforced with a gusseted crotch, and have added protection in the areas more susceptible to wear.

The side leg panel is quilted, and even the phone pocket is double lined. A total of 7 pockets means that you’ll never be short of storage space.

DUER Performance Denim Slim Jeans, Rapha Cycling Jeans, and Swrve’s Bike Jeans are fantastic choices too. The latter are the most classically styled of the bunch, and come with reflective detailing, articulated knees, and a low waist (so that your belt won’t dig in as you cycle).

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