6. A Moronic Cycle Lane in Edinburgh, Scotland

This one gets our goat – it’s not something you’d expect to deal with when driving a car along the road, so why do cyclists have to put up with this kind of ill-thought-out infrastructure?

5. Caution! Obstructions Galore in Romania

While canny observers have said that the ‘tree was there first’, that shouldn’t have stopped the bike lane designers from routing around the tree. Hey-ho, painting an arrow on the tree will improve things, right?

4. Building Site Bike Path in London, England

A lovely, well-surfaced, well-marked cycle way straight into… a building site. While London’s recent increase in cycling infrastructure has been rightly praised, this bike lane isn’t great, is it?

3. Follow the Arrow? Another from Edinburgh!

Signage, by its very definition, should be helpful, but you have to feel somewhat sorry for the poor soul who was tasked with spraying this bike lane onto the road. This one is from the outskirts of Edinburgh, Scotland.

2. The Scenic Route in North Yorkshire, England

Going by bike is hard enough, out in all weather, mixing it up with other road users. But when planners make you ride further than you need to, well, that’s just a kick in the teeth. 

1. Downright bizarre in Halifax, England

Up in the northern part of England now, and this downright bizarre cycle lane in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Although it’s less bike lane and more bike parking.