4. Cykelslangen, Copenhagen

The Cykelslangen, or Cycle Snake, named after its winding curves, is a brilliant solution to a difficult problem. How do you facilitate cycling whilst maintaining a pedestrianized, harbor-side shopping area?

3. Croix Rousse Tunnel, Lyon

The tunnel de La Croix Rousse in Lyon was originally referred to as a road tunnel built for car traffic in 1952. But in 2013, a sustainable transport tunnel was built alongside the other, where pedestrians, bikes, and buses could have a safe route.

2. Baana, Helsinki

The Baana, meaning simply “rail” in colloquial Finnish, is a disused deep railway cutting that’s been converted into a space for cyclists and pedestrians to travel away from the busy roads of the centre. In essence, it’s a ravine that’s 1.5km long and 7 metres deep.

1. Xiamen Bicycle Skyway, Xiamen, China

From the designers of the Cykelslangen comes the breathtaking Xiamen Skyway. Dubbed the Longest Aerial Bike Path in the World, cyclists can now ride suspended above the ground for almost five miles.