4. The Commuting Family

With the growing popularity of cargo bikes comes the inevitable commuting family. They’ve replaced the car with one bike, saving, or rather, spending, a few grand in the process.

3. The ‘Rain Or Shine’

The Rain or Shine is the real trooper amongst the bike commuters. These were the kids at school who wore shorts in the dead of winter. They don’t let the elements phase them. Whatever the weather, it doesn’t stop them.

2. The Fixie Fanatic

The coolest of all the commuters, the fixie fanatic is the trendsetter of the office. They don’t need wasteful components like gears or brakes. What use do they serve? They’ll tell you about the efficiencies of a fixed-gear drive system until they’re blue in the face.

1. The Folding Bike Aficionado

You see them on a crowded train or a bus, an unsuspecting-looking character. But once they’re off, it’s a flick of the wrist, and they’ve gone from a pedestrian to a cyclist. the folding bike rider arrives to work with their Brompton tucked under their arm right up until their desk.