Foldable Helmets

1. FEND One 

Looks great and can be 50% reduced in size so you can easily pop it in a bag with adjustable fitting.

2. Closca Helmet Loop

Offers an aerodynamic, adjustable & comfortable design but is also highly resistant to impact.

3. Hedkayse One 

Durable, comfortable and can be easily folded and carried, perfect for city cyclists.

4. Overade Plixi

Designed with the urban cyclist in mind, this lightweight and portable helmet can be easily folded and stored.

5. Lid Foldable Helmet

A budget helmet that is collapsible and easy to carry, ideal for city cyclists.

Foldable bike helmets can be safe if CPSC certified; look for the CPSC sticker.

Are Foldable Bike Helmets Safe?