How to choose an e-bike

How to choose an e-bike

Key things to consider

Type of Electric Bike

Electric bikes can be categorized into types like hybrid, mountain, road, and folding, each designed for specific riding needs and preferences.

E-Bike Brands

Numerous brands, from global giants to niche manufacturers, offer a variety of e-bikes. Purchase options include traditional dealers or direct online sales.

E-Bike cost

This is the consideration for most people. Electric bikes vary in price, with most starting at £1500/$1500, but options under £1000/$1000 exist.


Electric bikes that meet the various legal requirements (this is usually a maximum assistance speed and motor power) should all have the same maximum top speed.


E-bikes vary in wattage, affecting acceleration, hill climbing, and load capacity. Check the legal limit in your locality.

Battery Capacity

Battery capacity, measured in watt-hours (Wh), dictates an e-bike's range before recharging is needed.


Gearing is crucial, particularly in pedal-assist mode, with more gears allowing precise pedaling adjustments.


A throttle on an e-bike, legal in the U.S., offers freedom and quick assistance, unlike the UK where it's illegal on road-legal e-bikes.

Suspension and Tires

Considering an e-bike's suspension and tires is crucial for riding performance and comfort. So give them enough attention when choosing an e-bike.

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