4. Your Smartphone’s Bluetooth Device List Is as Long as Your Arm

You may find that your favorite cycling gadget appears not once but twice in your phone’s Bluetooth list. In our experience, that’s a sign that you’ve really gone deep on cycling gadgets.

3. Near a Plug Sits a Tangled Web of Charging Cables

With all these cycling gadgets in your armory, you’re most definitely going to need some charging cables to power these things. The enemy of the gadget-obsessed cyclist? The proprietary charging cable – Du Du Duuuuuu.

2. Has it Got a Light on it? Great, I’ll Have One

Riding a bike at night can be a different kettle of fish to riding during the day, but ultimately, for techy riders, this opens the window to a world of buying opportunities. Lights, lights, and more lights, please.

1. Your Favorite Cycling Website is Bookmarked

Oh, yes, every cyclist who likes a gadget spends a good portion of their daily waking hours perusing websites to unearth the latest new item that everyone is talking about. Just promise us that website is discerningcyclist.com, though, yes?