4. Choose the Right Sort of Lights When Cycling at Night

A bicycle light can mean the difference between life and death in the dark, so there’s no point in buying the first pair of lights you come across on an internet search, even if it saves you a few bucks. Think of it like this. Bike lights are either ‘to see’ or ‘to be seen’.

Trust us on this one; we’ve been caught out before. Either having two sets of lights on your bike or even just a spare set in your rucksack or pannier bag, is a very, very sensible idea. It’s easy to forget to charge a set of bike lights, leaving you high and dry.

3. Have a Set of Backup Lights When Cycling at Night

Now that we’ve got the proper set of lights and a spare set should the worst happen, it’s time to make sure they’re fitted correctly. What we mean by this is ensuring they are placed in a position that enables them to perform. Get the angle right so it shines in the correct direction.

2. Position Your Lights Correctly When Cycling at Night

Now, here’s a fun one. Getting creative with extra bike lights can aid bikers’ visibility when riding at night. Add extra lights to your bags, bike wheels, or even clip them to your body! These extra touches of light are designed to grab the attention of other riders as you ride along.

1. Get Creative with Lights When Cycling at Night