4. Your Vacations are Planned around Cycling

The tell-tale sign that you might be a cycling addict is when your idea of the perfect vacation involves two wheels and a whole lot of pedaling! You’re a fanatic if your travel plans are more geared towards trails and routes than sun-soaked beaches and resorts.

3. Your Bike is Basically a Housemate

While we all love our bikes, if you find that your bicycle is getting a better treatment than you, you’re likely becoming a bit of an addict. If your bike is coming into the bedroom with you, maybe it’s time for a break. And it’s not them, it’s definitely you.

2. You Speak Bike Fluently

Did you think gear ratios were common knowledge and cadence was a household word? Or perhaps you find yourself discussing the merits of disc brakes over rim brakes with a friend. If you use bike jargon with your non-cycling friends, it’s going to become pretty clear that you’re a cycling addict.

1. You’ve Considered Naming Your Children After Bike Brands

If you’ve ever pondered the possibility of naming your future children something like Cinelli, Pinarello, or even Trek, it’s probably a sign that you’ve taken your whole cycling love affair to the next level.