5. Trusting the Weather Forecast

Here’s what seasoned bike commuters never tell you… it rains, it’s cold, it’s windy – more often than you damn well know. Even more frustratingly, the weather forecast can (AND WILL) be wrong. Don’t trust it, never trust it – in fact, maybe don’t even bother looking at it in the first place.

4. Choosing to Ride Without Fenders

Hunkered down in a car, squirreled away on a bus – no other commuter feels the effects of the weather as much as a bike commuter. So do yourself a favor, bike commuters worldwide – FIT FENDERS TO YOUR BICYCLE. Oh, and P.S. Don’t take them off in summer, will you?

3. Leaving the House Without Some EDC

Listen up, kids. EDC is “everyday carry,” and that means, you carry it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. The bike commuter’s version of EDC looks a little like this: spare inner tube, pump, inner tube patches, multitool, spare lights.

2. Riding with a Backpack

This could be controversial. Riding with a backpack is uncomfortable, sweat-inducing, and generally not fun at all. Amateur bike commuters worldwide, please buy yourself a pair of pannier bags or, at the very least, a handlebar bag, basket, or frame bag.

1. Looking Like a Bike Ninja

New bike commuters should never ride in all black but always ride with a set of bike lights suitable for the environment they’re riding in.