12  car-Free Cities

Pontevedra, Spain

Shifted to car-free living via pedestrianization and limiting vehicle access in some streets.

Venice, Italy

A city of canals naturally evolved without cars. Walking and cycling are the preferred ways to navigate its winding streets.

Groningen, Netherlands

The cycling culture in Groningen is unparalleled with over 60% of all traffic movement is done by bicycle.

Ghent, Belgium

A cycling-friendly city with restricted car access, emphasizing pedestrian zones and community engagement, aiming for a youth-friendly environment.

Mackinac Island, USA

A historic car-free gem known for banning cars in the late 19th century, preserving its unique charm.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Regarded as a leader in sustainable transport and urban planning.

Lamu, Kenya

A historic island with rich cultural heritage, limited use of motorized vehicles, favoring bicycles and donkeys.

Giethoorn, Netherlands

The "Venice of the North", where canals replace roads, offering serene beauty and tranquility without cars.

Oslo, Norway

Oslo's anti-car policies, including "Vision Zero," prioritise safety, sustainability, and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure.

Hydra, Greece

Its narrow streets and hilly terrain meant that cars were deemed impractical.

Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt relies mostly on electric vehicles for transport.

Vauban/Freiburg, Germany

Cars, whilst not banned, are quite simply not necessary for most people.

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