1. Proper Fit Is Crucial

Many people think they can put a helmet on their dome and call it a job done. But the truth is that simply wearing one isn’t enough to ensure your safety, especially if it’s ill-fitting. Like heads, helmets come in many different shapes and sizes, and it’s essential to make sure that you pick the right one.

2. Bicycle Helmets Only Have a Single Impact Protection

Contrary to popular belief, most bike helmets aren’t built to withstand multiple impacts. Even a tiny impact from just dropping it can cause cracks or deformation, even if they aren’t visible. Again, it can’t be expected to do its original job if it isn’t in its original state.

3. Bicycle Helmets Expire

Did you know that, just like other safety equipment such as car seats or fire extinguishers, helmets can actually expire? Over time, the materials used to produce helmets can degrade due to various factors, like exposure to sunlight, sweat, or just general wear and tear.

4. There Are Different Standards for Bicycle Helmets

Helmets are usually subject to a strict set of safety standards wherever they’re sold, but that doesn’t mean they are necessarily consistent worldwide.