1. We’re People Too

Cyclists are people, too, and we deserve to be treated with respect and consideration by everyone, not just drivers. Cyclists aren’t there to ruin your day. We’re your neighbors, friends, and fellow citizens who just happen to prefer two wheels to four.

2. Being Passed Close Sucks

Being passed too closely by a car or truck is one of the most dangerous and frustrating experiences for cyclists – it does suck. Many motorists are unaware of how much wind and turbulence their vehicle creates.

3. The Wind Can Affect Us

Unlike putting pedal to the metal, the wind can significantly impact us while cycling. When the wind is against us, it feels like we’re pedaling uphill, even on flat ground. When the wind is behind us, it can push us faster than we intended.

4. We Ride Faster Than You Think

Many motorists assume that all cyclists are slow. In reality, many cyclists can ride faster than the speed limit on some roads, especially when there’s no traffic. So, if you’re a motorist, don’t assume you can overtake a cyclist.