1. Aero Everything

In the elite levels of racing, everything is done to reduce air resistance. And that doesn’t just mean with the bike. Skin suits and aero helmets designed for professionals are not intended for your weekend ride out of the city. While you might shave a few fractions of a second off your times, you’ll also look like a xenomorph in the process.

2. Worn Out Shorts

All clothing has a life cycle, and cycling gear especially has a tough time. Stretching and flexing constantly as you pedal, as well as bearing the brunt of the saddle friction, cycling shorts are nothing short of a miracle when it comes to riding. That being said, while they may be comfortable for you, they’ll reach a point when you need to replace them.

3. Plastic Bags Over Your Shoes

We’ve all been guilty of it. Wanting to protect our shoes against mud or rain is a legitimate concern. But let’s be honest, it’s a makeshift solution. Wearing plastic bags over your feet might protect your shoes, but as they accumulate moisture and offer no breathability

4. Overdoing It with the Branding

We’ve all got our favorite brands, and adorning their clothes and logos is a great way to feel like you’re part of a community of like-minded individuals who all wear exactly the same thing. That being said, there are limits.