The World’s First TRULY Waterproof Cycling Jeans?

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Traditionally, if you were to list clothing items that aren’t ideal for cycling, jeans would probably be near the top of the list.

Stiff, thick, unbreathable denim. Yummy. Even if you succeed in pedalling without causing a rupture in an unflattering part of the fabric, you’ll still likely be left in a sweaty mess.

Well, that at least used to be true. But as we’ve seen since the launch of Discerning Cyclist back in 2012, swathes of brands – both established and start-ups – have attempted to integrate the lines of style and function. Indeed, it’s the very premise upon which Discerning Cyclist was formed: “We don’t want cycling clothes. We want stylish clothes we can cycle in.”

Discerning Cyclist Venn Diagram

This post is in collaboration with DUER, who are one of my favourite brands for stylish urban trousers that are great cycling in. I’ve previously recommended DUER products in our Best Cycling Jeans, Best Cycling Chinos and Best Urban Cycling Shorts guides.

Back in 2012, a few brands had tried (with mixed success) at creating “cycling jeans”.

But almost 10 years later, as we enter 2022, cycling jeans are very much a thing. A thing that I spend many of my days wearing.

Cycling jeans are stretchy, breathable and cut to comfortably deal with the motion of someone riding a bicycle. It’s been a great leap forward.

But no bicycle jeans had succeeded in keeping your legs truly dry on rainy days… until now.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s been some really good bike jeans out there that have done a reasonable job in protecting you from a bit of light rain. But this has mostly been achieved by applying some DWR coating to the fabric. It does help, but if a real downpour kicks in, you’re back to square one.

But DUER have made the leap. One small pedal for cyclist… one giant wheelie for cycling-kind.

They have created the first (as far as I’m aware, at least), truly waterproof cycling jeans.

Waterproof Cycling Jeans

All-Weather Denim: that’s the name DUER’s cycling jeans – but it’s also a statement of intent. DUER’s jeans have a waterproof membrane, which means that water simply will not penetrate the fabric – so any rain that hits your thigh, for example, will not go through the jean and reach your skin.

DUER did, though, make the intentional decision not to seal the seams, as this would have prevented the jeans from being breathable. After all, there’s not much point keeping water out if you’re already wet inside the jeans from sweat.

That means that while these jeans are waterproof from a cycling perspective, it doesn’t mean you’ll stay dry if you jump in a river with them on – but that’s not what they’re built for. They’re built for active commuters – and those people, especially cyclists, tend to see the vast majority of rain hit the front of their thigh, so that’s where the most protection is needed.

DUER All-Weather Denim Jeans

DUER All-Weather Denim: Waterproof Rating

The DUER All-Weather Denim jeans has a water-resistance rating of 18,150mm. The baseline for standard water-resistance in fabrics, meanwhile, is 10,000.

Essentially, these jeans will stay dry even when pedalling in heavy downpours.

These jeans are made from 90% cotton, 28% Coolmax® Polyester and 2% LYCRA® Spandex, which combine to create a comfortable, stretchy and breathable jean. However, it is the 100% Polyester membrane that makes the All-Weather Denim the most waterproof cycling jeans in the world.

Fabric Water-Resistance Ratings Guide

DUER All-Weather Denim Features

But it’s not just the waterproof qualities that make DUER’s All-Weather Denim Jeans stand out. They’re also a flawless all-round cycling jean. They’re super stretchy, they’re extremely durable (especially on the crotch, that is equipped with a gusset to prevent cycling wear and tear. They’re also breathable, feature plenty of reflective features (such as on the ankle cuffs when you turn then up) and they are even odour resistant, so they won’t get stinky in a hurry.

  • Waterproof membrane
  • Windproof membrane
  • Temperature regulating
  • Reflective (under the cuff and at waistband)
  • Gusseted crotch
  • High stretch (4x more than 100% cotton denim)
  • Durable (40% more durable than 100% cotton denim)
  • Odour resistant
  • Breathable

The trouble is, when you see a feature list like this, you’d normally be right to assume that some compromises have had to be made. Normally, this comes on the style front. But the thing I love most about DUER is that they are perfectly in line with the Discerning Cyclist’s mantra of blending style and function. After all: “we don’t want cycling clothes. We want stylish clothes we can cycle in.”

DUER fit the intersection of the Discerning Cyclist Venn Diagram

So, what I’m saying is, DUER’s gear doesn’t just feel great and perform well, it looks fantastic too.

Don’t believe me?

See for yourself…

Stylish Bicycle Jeans for Men AND Women

I mentioned earlier that we’ve come a long way in terms of stylish clothes for urban cycling over the past 10 years. Unfortunately, that’s more true for men than it is for women. The options for female cyclists wanting to commute in style remain sparse. Fortunately, DUER are one of the few brands that truly cater to female riders, with almost all of their product arrange in both men’s and women’s versions – including the All-Weather Denim jeans.

And it’s not just men’s and women’s versions that the All-Weather Denim come in. They also have slim fit and relaxed fit options – which is always a key style consideration.

Oh, the jeans come in classic indigo blue or black, too.

I’ve ranked DUER’s All-Weather Denim Jeans as the #1 cycling jeans in the world right now.

Of course, any product that is oozes quality, comfort and style such as this comes at a price, with the DUER All-Weather Denim Jeans typically retailing for $199.

Read the entire DUER All-Weather Denim Jeans review here

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