Vulpine Short Sleeve Merino Polo – Review

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Vulpine Merino Polo Cycling Illustration

“The perfect all-day-anywhere cycling top. Classic and subtly styled, with immense attention to detail and and cycling-specific features. The cut is crisp and long at the back for riding.”

And so say Vulpine about their Short Sleeve Merino Polo.

This polo shirt is a Discerning Cyclist’s dream. A fashionable, nicely fitted t-shirt that as well as being a stylish piece of cycling clothing, is also highly functional.

Being Merino it’s an every season t-shirt. Keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Here’s a run down of it’s features, taken from the Vulpine website.

  • 100% New Zealand Merino wool
  • Crisp tailored all-day style
  • Front and rear embroidered flap pockets
  • V stitched buttons
  • Subtle reflective rear pocket trim
  • Contrast colour inner flatlock stitching for comfort
  • No scratchy labels
Vulpine Merino Short Sleeve Polo

Available only in two colours (black and oak green currently) at the mo but knowing Vulpine – they probably have plans a foot to add a few new colours to this fine range of cycling tops. The nice details of a longer back for cycling. The font and rear pockets, a must for cycling tops and these are added not just in high style but with an actual proper use in mind, not just for show. How perfect.

Levi’s commuter range is probably up there with perfect on and off the bike stylish cycling clothing. Rapha is just too expensive and uber stylish to suit everybody’s taste. Make no mistake though,  Vulpine is growing and in years to come I expect them to dominate the cyclist apparel market and with the quality of this t-shirt to go by. You can see why.

In conclusion. It’s a lovely, stylish, fully working cycling top with nice attention to detail. A few more colours would complete the range.

You can buy the Vulpine Short Sleeve Merino Polo for £79, from their website. But you can find it for just £59.99 from Cycle Surgery. I can guarantee you will never have any customer service issues with this company.

Vulpine Merino Polo Black Vulpine Merino Back Pocket Cycling

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