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Vickers Bicycles: Getting the Bike Right

Vickers BicyclesGuest post from Vickers Bicycles‘ Ian Covey.

How you dress on a bicycle is so often dictated by the bicycle itself. You have to change your wardrobe and, to a certain degree, your personal style if you still want to look good while you pedal across town. And while Discerning Cyclist is testament to just how many great cycle clothing brands there are now, we wanted to create bicycles that didn’t require a whole new wardrobe, bicycles that fit your style, and that can be ridden in your suit to the office. This was our starting point.

And that during startup I had one goal – to create simply beautiful bicycles. Bikes that are simple to ride, simple to look after, that are exquisitely made and look great. I wanted to create bicycles that made you say “wow” when you first saw them but in a low-key way.

The English roadster seemed to be the obvious place to start. It’s an endlessly stylish bike that’s completely unaffected by changing fashions. And as a utility bike it’s hugely practical too. With it’s easy, upright riding position it means no more blazers pulling across your shoulders or sleeves disappearing up your arms. You can ride our bikes wearing pretty much whatever you like and still look good.

Vickers Bicycle

In terms of design, we’ve kept classic look of the roadster, it’s a lugged steel frame, horizontal top tube and relaxed riding position. Plus those essential design elements are still there too – the mudguards, chainguard, rack and a front dynamo lamp is an option on each model.

We’ve also taken some design cues from the track and fixed world too – using slimline tubing has let us keep the silhouette really elegant and, thanks to the rear coaster brake and internal hub gears, the lines of the bike aren’t cluttered by any unnecessary cables. Wherever we do use a cable we try and route it internally – even the wire for the dynamo lamp is fed through the fork. It’s this attention to detail, these little design touches, that really make our bicycle beautiful machines.

Vickers Bicycles Designs

What’s more, each of our bicycles is made to order, by hand, here in the UK, so we’re able to offer something a little different from the mass produced luxury bicycles. We tailor and personalise each bicycle for the client bringing a little of Savile Row to the process. All of which starts with a consultation in our Portobello Road atelier and ends with us hand delivering the finished bicycle.

Then a lifetime of cycling in style begins!

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Pete Reynolds


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