VeloHalo: The Bike Lights in the Spotlight

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It goes without saying that being seen by other road users when you’re cycling is vital. 

And while a good front and rear LED set up is a decent start, something a bit more eye-catching – especially when you’re at a 90˚ angle to others – can hugely improve your safety.

That’s where Islington start-up HikariBike have stepped up with their own solution: the VeloHalo Bike Wheel Lights.

HikariBike VeloHalo Wheel Bike Light

HikariBike VeloHalo Bike Wheel Lights Review

Lining the rim of your wheel by being threaded between the spokes and sealed in place with cable ties, the effect of the VeloHalo is illuminating to say the least.

The light is powered with a removable USB-rechargeable lithium ion battery that provides 30 hours of battery life. This sits in a sealed compartment on the wheel hub, ensuring that it remains 100% waterproof and difficult to steal.

Offering a flashing or steady light (white on the front and red on the back), these lights fit most bike frames. However, as I discovered on my front wheel, the hub was too large to fit the battery pack. This was easily remedied by adding an extra cable tie to it, securing the battery in place.

The setup is pretty simple, if a bit fiddly (and you’ll want to make sure your bike isn’t too dirty beforehand, otherwise your hands certainly will be!), but the effect is impressive. You can see how to fit the lights in the video below.

On coming up with the VeloHalo lights, HikariBike founder, Jack Merlin Bruce, said: “In the cold and dark winter nights of February 2016, I became fed up with the stress and negativity that London’s cyclists faced on a daily basis. In response, I created VeloHalo wheel lights to be glistening gems of joy in our dark and busy streets. And the very first time I took VeloHalo for an outing, I experienced something I never had before with conventional lights alone…  

“Stopped at the Upper Street traffic lights, no fewer than one cab driver and one fellow cyclist stopped to offer their compliments on my “funky” wheels. With a renewed sense of road-confidence knowing I was ultra-visible, I rode home with a giant smile on my face. I knew this was an experience to share with other cyclists.

Available for £29 each, for a discounted rate of £48.50 for a front and back set, the VeloHalo provides a great way to brighten up your ride in safety and style.

BikeHalo LED Wheel Lights

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