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VanMoof S5 vs S3 vs A5 (E-BIKE COMPARISON)

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VanMoof has a solid selection of minimalist electric bikes on the market at present with a new model set to be released in the new future. 

Being at the pricier end of the market, are they worth it?

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VanMoof E-Bike Range

top speed
S5£2,49837 miles / 93 miles15.5 mph 
A5£2,49834 miles / 87 miles15.5 mph
S3£2,14837 miles / 93 miles15.5 mph
X3£2,14837 miles / 93 miles15.5 mph
VExpected price: £2998N/A15.5 mph
IMAGE SOURCE: Vanmoof.com

VanMoof S5

In their own words, the VanMoof S5 is an electric hybrid style bike that is perfect for controlled cruising and longer rides. It would also make a great leisure bike for fun and fitness, or a stylish commuter for anyone wanting to ride to work.

Aesthetically, the S5 has a very minimalistic look, everything is neat and in fitting with the clean style. It does however come in just the one colour, which is a light Grey, 

The S5 offers a range of between 37 miles (on full power mode) to 93 miles (on economy power mode) which is very good for an electric bike. It would be more than enough for the majority of needs.

The charging time is also very impressive with 50% from 0% taking just 2 hours and 30 minutes, and 100% from 0% taking a very reasonable 6 hours 30 minutes. 

Vanmoof S5 list of features

VanMoof A5

The A5 is the perfect little laid back bike for city riding and quick trips to the shops. It would also be suitable for short commutes into work. 

The geometry of the A5 has been designed to offer comfort and ease while riding, hence it’s more suited to shorter riding. It also comes in just the one colour, which again is Grey.

In addition, this model has a range of between 34 mi (on full power mode) to 87 mi (on economy power mode) which is perfect for city riding. 

The charging time matches that of the S5 – a very reasonable 2 hours 30 minutes to 50%, and 6 hours 30 minutes to 100%.

Vanmoof A5 list of features

VanMoof S3 

The S3 is every bit the classic city bike, with the benefit of modern luxuries such as its motor and hydraulic disc brakes. This model is best suited to city riding and commuting.

Aesthetically it has the old school city bike look, thanks to its self titled straight-frame geometry. There’s also two trendy colour options to choose from, which are dark (stealthy black) and light (blue).

In addition, this particular model offers a range that is between 37 miles (on full power mode) to 93 miles (on economy power mode) which is ample for commuting and cruising around the city. 

The charge time is also very reasonable, with 50% charge (from 0%) taking  1 hour 20 minutes. A full charge from 0% is possible in 4 hours.

Vanmoof S3 list of features

VanMoof X3

Radically compact coupled with extra-agile handling is how the X3 is described, meaning it’s the ideal electric bike for anyone wanting a city bike that’s also great for commuting.

Visually, this model is very quirky and fun looking. Like the S3, it comes in dark or light colourways. 

The range of the X3 is 37 miles (on full power mode) to 93 miles (on economy mode) which is definitely enough for laid back cruising in any town or city, or even for commuting. 

Lastly, the charge time is also very reasonable, matching that of the S3 – a 50% charge in  1 hour 20 minutes, and a full charge in 4 hours.

Vanmoof X3 list of features

VanMoof V

This current model isn’t available, and it’s TBC when it will be released – however there’s currently the option to reserve it for £20.00. It’s another solid option, if a fair bit pricer, for commuting and city riding.

This particular model is equipped with front and rear suspension for optimal comfort while riding, and comes in one colour which is white.

At current not much information has been released regarding this model. However, VanMoof have said that this new model has ‘been designed to take you faster and further than your average e-bike. This bike makes you feel like an equal part of traffic’.

IMAGE SOURCE: Vanmoof.com

How Good is the VanMoof S5? 

The S5 e-bike from VanMoof is a very solid option for anyone wanting a classic style city bike with the added help of a motor. 

Although the price may be a little more than other bikes on the market, it’s still in keeping with other comparable options, such as the Cowboy C4

However, the C4 from Cowboy does come in three options in comparison to the one that VanMoof offers for the S5. Therefore, there are more possibilities on the style front. 

Overall the S5 offers a brilliant battery range of up to 93 miles compared to the C4’s 44 miles, meaning you can enjoy assisted riding for much longer. Therefore, the S5 is a really good option to consider. 

IMAGE SOURCE: Vanmoof.com

VanMoof S5 vs A5 

Interestingly, the S5 and A5 are both the same price come in at £2,498. However, they differ drastically geometry-wise with the S5 being a straight frame, and the A5 a lower step-in style angled frame.

The S5 has been built for controlled cruising and the A5 on the other hand is more suited to agile riding. But, both would still make great commuter bikes.

Moreover, the weight of the A5 is ever so slightly lighter, coming in at 22kg in comparison to the S5 which is 23kg. Therefore there’s not a huge difference there and it wouldn’t be noticeable. 

A remastered straight frameA lower step-in, angled frame
Weight: 23kgWeight: 22kg
Full charge from 0% in 6 hours 30 minutesFull charge from 0% in 6 hours 30 minutes

Van Moof S5 vs S3 

Both the S5 and S3 offer a slightly more aggressive riding position than other models in the range, however both are still solid options for commuting (even if a little pricier than some other options on the market). 

Both are still pretty lightweight for electric bikes, however the S3 is just a little lighter coming in at 2kg less.

Additionally, the S3 does charge quicker with a full charge from 0% taking an impressive 4 hours in comparison to the S5’s 6 hours 30 minutes from 0%.

Overall both of the models would make great leisure as well as commuting bikes. 

Available in one colourAvailable in two colours
Weight: 23kgWeight: 21kg
Full charge from 0% in 6 hours 30 minutes Full charge from 0% in 4 hours
IMAGE SOURCE: Vanmoof.com

Is VanMoof S3 Still Worth It? 

Due to the fast charging time and lighter weight nature of the S3 I’d argue that it is definitely worth it. Who wants to wait longer than they have to for their bike to charge?

Additionally, the S3 is also a very good looking bike and comes with many added accessories such as a mudguard, lights, and kickstand. 

Not to mention this model also happens to come in different colour options, either Dark or Light, both of which look fantastic. 

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