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VanMoof S4: Is The Budget VanMoof Actually Good Value?

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Following on from the release of the VanMoof S5 in 2022, VanMoof then broke all codes of chronology by releasing the VanMoof S4 in 2023.

So, why have VanMoof gone with this confusing naming structure and what do we know about the VanMoof S4 electric bike?

VanMoof S4 Release 

As speculated previously, the VanMoof S4 was released on the 9th of May 2023, making it a very new entry onto the electric bike market. 

It has already been dubbed the “budget” electric bike option from VanMoof thanks to its lower than average price for the brand.

Even though it is newer, it’s similar to the older S5, it’s a much cheaper option in comparison, coming in at £2,198, compared to the S5 which costs £3,298. Therefore already, it’s over £1000 in savings, but what makes it so much cheaper and what has changed?

vanmoof s4 assist speed

Why is the VanMoof S4 Cheaper?

The VanMoof S4 is cheaper due to a couple of obvious reasons. First off, just looking over the specification, compared to the S5 it’s clear to see that a few of the security features have been dropped for the S4.

Undoubtedly, this will have saved some money on the cost of building the bike. But not to worry, the S4 does still feature some clever security quirks to ensure it’s harder than an average bike to steal.

The S4 also doesn’t feature the Halo Ring interface on the bars which is featured on the S5 which will also help to keep the costs down.

Not only that, but VanMoof has stated that the S4 is “beautifully uncomplicated” which alludes to the idea that they wanted a more stripped back option which by nature will cost less.

vanmoof s4 security features

VanMoof S4 Features

In terms of features the S4 packs a decent amount into a well priced package. It’s clear that the features have been well thought out with simplicity and to ensure the riders experience is straightforward and easy.

There isn’t anything too complex nor high-tech to confuse or put riders off which is always welcome. But again, that’s not a surprise given they are aiming to make the bike “beautifully uncomplicated”.

The features of the S4 include: 

  • 4 Power levels
  • 15 mph assisted speed
  • Non-removable battery
  • Integrated LED rear light 
  • Kick Lock
  • Automatic rider recognition
  • Anti-theft nuts and bolts
  • Location/theft tracking
  • 27.5 ” wheel size
  • Mudguards
  • Disc brakes
vanmoof s4 features

VanMoof S4 Weight

As expected for all e-bikes, the VanMoof S4 isn’t super lightweight. However, for an electric bike the weight is pretty reasonable.

Coming in at 21.6 kg it’s a pretty decent weight and 1.4kg lighter than the S5. This is likely due to its more stripped back spec. 

VanMoof S4 Range

The VanMoof S4 offers a range of up to 87 miles (140km) when in economy mode and then 37 miles (59.5km) when used on full power.

Therefore the range the S4 offers is undeniably impressive for a hybrid e-bike as 87 miles will easily get you around on one charge, be it to work or leisure riding, it’s a very generous range.

VanMoof S4 Charging Time

In terms of charging time, the S4 will reach 100% charge within 4 hours 30 minutes. Then 50% charge in only 1 hour 30 minutes. 

Thus making it a fast charging bike to either fully charge or half charge, which is always useful if you have a busy and fast pace life and can’t be waiting around for your bike to charge.

vanmoof s4 battery range

Other VanMoof S4 Features

On top of the aforementioned features, the S4 also comes in a great range of gloss colours. This isn’t so usual of VanMoof who tend to stick to more understated colours, making this a rather surprising yet fun decision from the brand.

The colours available are: Evergreen, Purple Fog, Sunbeam Yellow and Foam Green.

different colours of vanmoof s4

VanMoof S4 Price 

As previously mentioned the S4 costs £2,198 ($2,498 USD and € 2,198), meaning for a bike in the VanMoof range, it’s very well priced. 

However, in terms of electric bikes overall, it’s what we might term mid-range. But given the technology and quality, it is a well priced bike for what you get. The same standard from other bike brands could easily command a bigger price tag.

But, it is important to note that some features you may want will cost more, so just keep that in mind when adding them in the check out. But overall the optional extras are not too expensive and some would only add to the cost of the bike if they came free of charge. 

Who is the VanMoof S4 For? 

The VanMoof S4 is clearly for those who predominantly ride in urban areas but want the added speed and power that an electric bike offers. 

Therefore this bike would make the perfect commuter for those who want simplicity and reliability from an e-bike with a great range. Likewise for any leisure riders or those wanting to just opt for two wheels over four or public transport.

The security features also means it’s a rather worry free experience which is definitely a great feature for those city dwellers wanting peace of mind when inevitably leaving their bike for some time unattended. 

Is the VanMoof S4 Worth It?

Due to the specification, quality, range and charging time, the VanMoof S4 is arguably very much worth it

It is a fun bike that comes in some great and quirky colour options to suit everyone’s needs and personal style. 

The features have clearly been very well thought out; with simplicity and ensuring the rider has a stress free experience being at the forefront of the build.
No, it isn’t the cheapest option on the market but by no means is it the most expensive. It has all of the features most people would need and more, making it a great all round electric bike that has been well thought out and suits urban lifestyles.

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