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Unique Gifts for Bike Riders [25 Ideas for Cyclists in 2023]

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Cyclists are simultaneously the easiest and hardest people to buy for. Finding a cycling gift is fairly simple, but avoiding boring or generic gifts is more difficult. If you want to buy something special for the cyclist in your life, read on as we explore the best gift options.

Gifts for Cyclists Who Have EVERYTHING

Finding a gift for the committed cyclist who already has everything is even more difficult, but we’re here to help. Whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift, a birthday gift or even a Father’s Day or Mother’s Day gift for the cycling man or woman in your life, this list will have you covered.

So, without further ado, here are our top picks of the most useful, unique and quirky gifts for cyclists!

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Unique Gift Ideas for Bicycle Lovers [Top 25]

  1. LED Bike Wheel Lights

    LED Bike Wheel Lights

    What is it? A set of glowing lights that attach to bicycle wheels. These lights give bikes a glowing burst of technicolour as you cycle and they even come in a specially designed gift box. The batteries last 40 hours so you’ll get plenty of life out of them.

    Why get it? Fun! The lights are supposed to be quirky and unique. They’re also dazzling and make a bike look more like a pair of Ferris Wheels. Visibility is full 360 degrees and you can switch from constant to flashing if you want to stand out even more. Safety is important and motorists certainly won’t miss someone with these lights.

  2. Touch Screen Heated Glove Hands

    Touch Screen Heated Glove Hands

    What is it? A pair of gloves that solve two problems at once. Cycling in winter means cold hands, but wearing gloves makes it difficult to use a smartphone. These gloves are heated to keep hands feeling toasty, but they’re specially designed for touchscreen operation. They’re also water and wind-resistant.

    Why get it? Because winter is hard work for cyclists. The gloves or smartphone conundrum is a genuine problem, especially if the cyclist in your life uses their smartphone to navigate. Being able to easily operate a touchscreen without your fingers slipping or turning numb from the cold makes that early morning commute more bearable!

  3. Cycling Paradises

    What is it? Only a collection of the best, most beautiful and exhilarating cycling routes in the world. This book is a vast compendium of cycling paradises ranging from Mount Snowdonia in Wales to Utah’s Zion National Park and the Ecuadorean Alps.

    Why get it? Every cyclist likes to dream, and there’s nothing better than planning out a cycling holiday in a beautiful part of the world. The book is suitable for cyclists of all levels, from seasoned athletes looking for a challenge to more casual enthusiasts after a good view.

  1. Bike Handlebar Bag, Bicycle Phone Mount

    What is it? A combined handlebar bag and smartphone holder. The bag offers a 1.5-litre capacity (so it’s big enough to store small items like keys and pens) and the holder is waterproof with a visor to protect against the sun.

    Why get it? Sometimes the simplest gifts are the best. Fully waterproof smartphone holders are hard to come by and it’s even more difficult to find one that still offers great touchscreen sensitivity. Most cyclists have too much to carry, so the bag is a convenience too.

  2. Duck Bike Bell

    What is it? It does exactly what it says on the tin. The duck bell attaches to the handlebar and gives a loud ring when squeezed. It also lights up to 45 lumens and comes with a cute wind helmet (complete with a rotating propellor!).

    Why get it? Laughs! The duck bell makes an amusing gift for cyclists of all ages, but younger kids will get the most out of it. It’s surprisingly functional, too. The bright yellow light stands out and the bell is louder than you might expect!

  3. Vintage Bicycle Bike Wine Beer Bottle Opener

    What is it? A good old fashioned bottle opener made of sturdy zinc and with a retro look. It’s small enough to carry around in a pocket and has a nice, solid feel. The ideal stocking filler.

    Why get it? Many cyclists will tell you that there’s nothing better than a beer at the end of a long cycle! The bike bottle opener is a fun way to crack open a cold one and its zinc design has a cool, retro appeal.

  1. Tropical Bike Polo Shirt

    What is it? A stylish and fun polo shirt adorned with bicycles and floral print! The design isn’t for the faint-hearted but it’s packed with personality. It’s also breathable, durable and available in loads of different sizes.

    Why get it? Perhaps the cyclist in your life wants to show off their love of two wheels. The shirt is fantastic for casual social occasions or even for other activities like golf. Perfect for dads who like to show off their style!

  2. Padded Bike Shorts

    What is it? These padded shorts are ideal for cyclists who like to venture off the beaten track and endure more difficult terrain. The posterior padding is deep and luxurious, made from 90% polyester. It’s breathable and wicks sweat fast for a comfortable ride.

    Why get it? Cycling can be hard on the rear, especially off-road and mountain biking. These shorts are a subtle way to make a rough ride bearable. An elastic, stretchy waistband ensures maximum comfort and you can take your pick from a range of sizes.

  3. RUNBOX Slim Wallet

    What is it? A super slim, streamlined wallet that’s perfect for cyclists who travel light and don’t want bulky items in their pockets. Despite its size, it can still hold 10 cards and up to 15 banknotes.

    Why get it? Because carrying a chunky wallet is hard work for cyclists! A slimline wallet like this slips easily into cycle short pockets or even a handlebar bag. Leather is also waterproof so the wallet will keep everything dry in bad weather.

  1. MARQUE 20 in 1 Bike Multitool

    What is it? One of the most important bicycle accessories, this multitool includes (amongst other things) an Allen key, Hex Keys, chain breaker and spoke wrench, all of them vital if a bike breaks down. It weighs just 4.4 oz and it’s only 0.6 inches thick!

    Why get it? One for the more practically minded cyclist, a tool like this is absolutely essential. There’s nothing worse than getting a breakdown at the wrong time, especially on the way to work. A multitool helps cyclists get back on the road fast.

  2. Cycling Journal

    What is it? A stylish journal for writing all your cycling data. It’s basically a cyclist’s diary with room for recording routes, daily rides, tracking fitness/training and really anything that crosses your mind! The journal has 120 pages.

    Why get it? This gift is invaluable for the more methodical cyclist. It’s useful for anybody using cycling to improve their fitness as they can chart goals and progress. It’s also fantastic for more casual cyclists who can record distances travelled and enjoyable routes.

  3. Bike Balls

    What is it? Glowing red “balls” that dangle beneath the bicycle seat. A very important safety feature for any bicycle.

    Why get it? Being seen is important when cycling and, trust me, no-one will miss a cyclist with these glowing balls dangling beneath the saddle.

  1. Fend Folding Helmet

    FEND Foldable Helmet

    What is it? A stylish bicycle helmet that can be folded down so that it easily fits in a backpack.

    Why get it? Carrying a helmet when you’re off the bike can be a pain in the backside. This folding helmet provides and effective (and stylish) solution without compromising on safety.

  2. Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier

    What is it? Another one for the sportier cyclist. This is an electrolyte drink that greatly increases a person’s rate of hydration. It’s just a matter of adding powder to water. That powder comes in small, travel friendly sachets.

    Why get it? Hydration is vital, especially on longer cycles. Unfortunately, many electrolyte drinks are far from palatable. Liquid I.V is the exception, with an invigorating passion fruit flavour. Even better, the company donates to the needy with every purchase.

  3. Personalised Name Bike Headset

    What is it? A cute, personalised headset cap. You can personalise the cap with whatever you want (as long as it fits inside the space). As well as a name, you’re free to add a special message, birthday or Christmas wish.

    Why get it? Gifts don’t come much more personal than this. Since the cap fits in such a prominent position, the recipient will be reminded of you whenever they take to the road. Personalised bikes are just fun, too, and feel unique.

  1. Cycling Gift Box

    What is it? A gorgeously handmade box containing everything a cyclist could wish for. From protein bars to puncture repair kits and muscle rub creams, this gift really does have every eventuality covered. You can add a personalised card, too.

    Why get it? Because you can’t quite settle on one gift! The box is so varied that it covers all bases. Being able to add a personalised note is a nice touch, and the box comes with gift wrapping to make it extra special.

  2. Embroidered Bike Sweatshirt

    What is it? A stylish jumper with a small bicycle embroidered on the chest. The design is laid back yet sophisticated, and the red bicycle really stands out against the otherwise understated, navy material. The jumper is handmade and of premium quality.

    Why buy it? This is one for the fashion-conscious cyclist. Being homemade, the jumper has a cosy feel, perfect for lazing around after a long journey. It’s high quality and a great way to show off someone’s love of cycling.

  3. Racing Bike Wheel Clock

    What is it? Only one of the coolest cycling gifts around. The clock is made from a genuine, 18 inch racing bike tire modified for wall hanging. A minimalistic design houses the clock mechanism in the hub and the whole thing sits flush against the wall.

    Why buy it? Statement pieces don’t come much louder than this! A fully mounted wheel might not be to everybody’s taste but it’s surprisingly streamlined. It attaches to the wall with just one screw and has the illusion of floating.

  1. Accmor Cup Holder

    What is it? The Universal Cup Holder is about as uncomplicated as it gets, but it can make a big difference to a cyclist’s day. Quite simply, it clips to a bike’s handlebars and holds a cup as the owner cycles.

    Why buy it? Accessories transform journeys and this is no exception. Being able to easily secure a drink helps cyclists stay hydrated as they peddle. The no nonsense design means that it will match any frame and the fitting is universal.

  2. Bicycle Pizza Cutter

    What is it? Another fun one, the Bicycle Pizza Cutter does exactly what its name suggests – it slices through pizza! Designed as a bicycle, the wheels form dual blades sharp enough to cut through even the thickest pizza base.

    Why buy it? Pizzas are the perfect guilty pleasure after a long trip and what better way to slice them than with a bicycle wheel!? Despite its obvious novelty value, this is a quality gift. The blades are stainless steel and non-stick.

  3. Magnetic Poetry – Bike Lover Kit

    What is it? 200 cycling themed word tiles in fridge magnet form. The aim is to write as many poems, haikus and verses about cycling as possible by arranging those tiles on a fridge door. Imagination is the only limiting factor here.

    Why get it? It’s the perfect gift for the more lyrical cyclist! Cycling has been known to bring out the inner poet in us all so why not nurture that talent? The tiles are simple, fun and offer near endless variety.

  1. Puroma Bike Cover

    What is it? A robust and incredibly durable bike cover to protect against rain, snow, dirt and even excessive (paint cracking) sun. An elastic hem ensures a snug fit and there’s even room to accommodate a bike lock.

    Why get it? Bicycles spend much of their time outdoors and are susceptible to weather damage. A sturdy cover keeps a bike dry, clean and in good condition, prolonging its life. Keeping a cyclist’s pride and joy safe is the best gift.

  2. Anndason 8 Pieces Precision Bicycle Cleaning Brush

    What is it? Another gift for the practically minded, this 8 piece cleaning brush will keep a bicycle looking as good as new. Bikes accumulate vast amounts of dirt and debris and this can cause problems over time.

    Why get it? Fortunately, a multi-piece brush is the answer! This makes the perfect gift because there’s a brush for every part of the bike. From the chain to the wheels, this is the ultimate maintenance tool.

  3. Cyclist’s Torch Beanie

    What is it? A snug beanie that combines the best of winter warmth with road safety. The knitted beanie is thick enough to keep even the coldest temperatures at bay and the rechargeable, USB light is 150 lumens.

    Why get it? Winter cycling is dangerous. Low light and poor weather make for a tricky experience, but this gift covers cyclists against both. The beanie is stylish in an understated way and the light is a literal lifesaver.

  4. M1LE LONDON Commuter Trousers

    What is it? Stretchy, stylish, water-repellent trousers designed for those on the go, offering a multi-purpose outfit for office commuters – from bike to boardroom. Smart enough for work, functional enough for the commute.

    Why get it: A classic slim-leg chino design made in Black and Navy, with reflective details, four-way stretch, water repellent, and incredibly comfy. They’re lightweight, quick-drying and easy to care for.

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