Trakke Wee Lug Harris Tweed Messenger Bag – Review

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Trakke Cycling Messenger bagTo cycle with a bag is pretty much a necessity really. Very few occasions you will find it okay to leave the bag at home and venture out on the humble push bike alone. Finding a bag that suits your every day needs whilst suiting your riding style is no easy feat. The iL Soigneur musettes make for a fantastic stylish bag but don’t have the capacity for large scale carrying.

There’s also weather conditions to take in place and longevitiy of the bag, you would like something to last. Where oh where can you find a bag like that!?


Fear not, there are some great options out there and one that’s better than great (totally brilliant in fact) is the Glasgow company Trakke Wee Lug messenger bag. Smaller than its other Trakke brothers this bag is still a mighty sized carrying bohemoth able and ready willing to serve any carriage related activity you may require whilst you pedal for miles and miles. Indeed this didn’t feel like an 18 litre option, with pockets literally everywhere.

The Wee Lug is strongly made and perfectly crafted. You can feel the dedication, the time, the skill that goes into making these and when you take it out of the box you really get a sense all at once of the handmade quality that’s gone into it.

Trakke Tweed Messenger Bag

Trakke’s attention to detail is unmistakably good, my version of the bag had a harris tweed finish (we all know how nice that is). The tweed ran from the flap all the way around to the back. The rest of the bag is made from a waxed cotton (waterproofing sorted) and has a Cordura 1000 lining which if you didn’t know (I didn’t, I had to google it) is a great fabric that is tough and durable.

The Wee Lug has been specially constructed with waterproofing in mind which is one of the things Trakke are keen on with all there bags because lets be honest all bags should be waterproof or at least resistant, so another tick in the Lug’s awesome box.

The style of the bag is to be worn over one shoulder but done so by clipping the shoulder strap together and thus conveying quite an in vogue look. I’m not sure it’s something I’m totally behind but it certainly doesn’t effect the bags quality but it does mean when you release the buckle it’s a bit of a learning process to adapt to the Lug’s sudden fondness for falling off your back at great speeds. Now I say buckle, for the Wee Lug possess no ordinary strap clip. Trakke have actually used a buckle similar to what you find, no not on a seat belt – don’t interrupt, on parachutes! An AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle to be exact so you can be assured that the Wee Lug is on your back to stay, it’s also very easy to clip in and unbuckle yourself. Just be ready to catch the bag because it flies off!

The strap is very strong and solid. Featuring a padded section for the part that rests on the left shoulder, so there’s no uncomfortable rubbing on your neck. The strength of the strap and clip keeps the bag firmly onto your bag as your pedaling at whatever speed you like to cycle at and there is more stability support by the use of a support strap that goes under the left arm. So it works similar to how you’d put on a backpack, put your left arm through the strap and then your bring the other half of the main strap around your body to meet the clip just above the left hand side of your chest.

Trakke Messenger Bag

Inside the Lug you’ll find 2 rather large expandable pockets at the front sealed with heavy duty zips. Then a large compartment with a padded area for the laptop of your choice (as long as it belongs to you) There are also two further side pockets along the outer edge of the bag. This is a storage lovers delight and the generous space really gives most commuters the carriage ability they’re after.

Key Features

  • Waterproof triple layer construction
  • Padded Laptop Sleeve
  • 2 Expanding Zip Pockets
  • Side-Access Zip Pocket
  • Side-Access Toggle Pocket
  • Removable Stabiliser Strap
  • Buckle and Slide Fasteners
  • Interchangeable Shoulder Straps
  • U-Lock Holster
  • AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle

Once you’ve packed everything inside ready for the off, you throw the flap over and it’s instantly welcomed firmly to the inside front of the bag by two Velcro straps, nicely secure.

Trakke didn’t stop there.

You can then safely fasten the strap to the bag using the two heavy duty cleverly made slide buckles that if you did need any piece of mind your bag is closed – well it is now with these babies.

The Trakke Wee Lug feels the most secure bag I’ve ever used backed up by a well made construction and hardwaring materials  -used throughout. This bag will be the only bag you need for years to come so the heavy outlay of £250 is justified by the fact that it will save you buying many, many backpacks through the years (that will probably only hold a third of what the Wee Lug can as well).

You’re also buying something that’s not only British made, it’s made by hand in Glasgow! How fantastic to get something truly unique to you that you now will last you until your only reason to get another bag is you need to carry a small fridge on your bag and thus have to get the next size up of Trakke bag.

It’s just a lovely, well made, lovely (can I say that again?) messenger bag with a great finish and style with all the functionality you need that you can confidentally ride out with this on your back know you’ve made a truly discerning choice.

Fit: 9/10
Function: 8/10
Style: 9/10
Value for Money: 7/10
Quality: 10/10

Overall: 43/50

You can get the Trakke Wee Lug Messenger Bag from Trakke from £250 and I recommend giving this video a view.

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