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Craft Cadence IPXS Waterproof Bag [Review]

Craft Cadence’s 2022 IPXS waterproof roll top promises a backpack that’s both lightweight and packed with storage, stylish yet functional. Craft Cadence has long been a leader in the commuter backpack field, but how does this latest offering shape up?...

Dashel Urban Re-Cycle Helmet – Review

If you’re looking for a helmet that complements your urban riding adventures, then the Dashel Re-Cycle helmet could be the one for you. Dashel are known for their range of helmets that not only have a unique style, but are...

Helly Hansen Women’s Ride Cycling Jacket [REVIEW]

If you are a lover of the outdoors or trendy workwear attire then I’m sure you’ll have come across the iconic Norwegian brand, Helly Hansen. The popular Scandinavian brand is well known for their high quality outdoor clothing. Yet, although...

Are Brooks Saddles Worth It? [PROS + CONS]

Brooks England saddles have a reputation for being top of the range. The name itself conjures images of luxury, comfort, and saddles that last a lifetime. Quality materials and stylish designs make these saddles a tempting proposition for many cyclists....

DUER Live Free Adventure Pant – Review

When it comes to commuting by bike, the most important piece of attire to consider is undoubtedly your pants (or shorts). After all, when you’re pedalling away, it’s your legs that are doing all the work. So having a comfy...

Craft Cadence Top Tube Bag [REVIEW]

If like me, you love having extra storage (which of course comes in handy for extra morale snacks and spares) while out riding, you may have considered buying a top tube bag. In this piece I’ll be taking a look...

Rapha Technical Trousers [Review]

History recounts numerous colossal errors by individuals: Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in winter, the Captain of the Titanic’s hubris and David Beckham’s 2003 haircut. While not of quite the same magnitude as these men, I must add my name to...

LIVALL C20 Smart Helmet [Review]

US Comedian Jerry Seinfeld once said, “There are many things you can point to as proof that the human is not smart. But my personal favorite would have to be that we needed to invent the helmet. What was happening,...

Osloh Porteur Women’s Cycling Jeans [Review]

I have a confession to make: when I was invited to review Osloh’s Women’s Porteur Jean my heart sank a little. Firstly, because my usual narrative style of writing is difficult to achieve against the backdrop of an eleven-month lockdown in Leicester (I have no...


1. 🪖Fend ONE Folding Helmet
A folding helmet that actually looks good.

2. 🧥Helly Hansen Hooded Rain Jacket
Stay dry in style.

3. 🧴Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit
Keep your bike feeling brand new.

4. 👖DUER-All Weather Jeans
Waterproof cycling jeans. Seriously.

5. 🎒Rapha Reflective Backpack
A beautiful backpack that you can't miss.