Stylish Cycling Shirts and Polos for Men

John Smedley Hugh in Silver Pullover – Review

One of my favourite things to discover is an outfit that is functional for cycling without necessarily having been intended to be so. Any clothing that is comfortable, flexible, and ideally breathable, is off to a winning start. John Smedley’s ‘Hugh in Silver’ pullover is one such example of every Read more >

Ministry of Supply Dress Shirts – Review

I received a couple of new shirts before Christmas that feature, ahem, NASA technology. How many shirts do you own with NASA technology? Didn’t think so… peasants. Alas, though, I’m not about to join Tim Peake on the International Space Station anytime soon. But my bike rides over the past Read more >

5 Great Places to Buy Office-Appropriate Cycling Gear

Cyclists often believe there are only two options when it comes to selecting what to wear for their ride. They can either: 1) wear cycling kit and then get changed when they reach their work place, or 2) wear their office gear which is far from optimised from cycling. At Read more >

4 (and a half) Superb Merino T-shirts for Cycling

Merino is a wonderful material when it comes to cycling. It wicks sweat. It keeps you warm when you’re cold, yet offers bountiful breathability when you start heating up. And it’s also odour resistant. All of which are fantastic qualities to have in any t-shirt when you’re cycling about. Below Read more >

Svelte Heritage Jersey – A Rapha Alternative?

In the past, whenever I’ve try to explain to somebody the concept of Discerning Cyclist, I say it is a website devoted to either: 1) “stylish cycling clothes” or 2) “stylish clothes that you can cycle in”. While these might semantically seem to be the same thing, I have discovered Read more >

The Ultimate Survival Guide to Cycling in the Cold and Wet

As another page on the calendar is turned, there’s no more kidding: summer is over. The days draw shorter, the air a little chillier, the ground damper and the sun no longer an occasional visitor, but a hazy memory. Alas, we’ve been through all this before. The seasons are nothing Read more >

Top 10 Stylish Cycling Bargains from the Summer Sales

One of the regular quips that I hear – and I agree with – regarding stylish cycling clothing, is the high price tags associated with the products. Unfortunately, that puts many cyclists off purchasing more functional yet stylish cycling clothes. Fortunately, though, at the end of every season comes a Read more >

Helly Hansen Kos Polo – Review

After reviewing the excellent Helly Hansen Universal Moto Jacket not long ago, I decided I tried out some more of Helly Hansen’s gear. In particular, their summer wear – the Kos Polo coupled with the HD Classic Shorts. Kos Polo The Kos Polo isn’t specifically built for cycling – like Read more >

The Summer Guide to Cycling in Style

Summer’s here. But just because it’s heating up, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style during your ride. Instead, you just need to find the right clothes that fit well and are made from the best lightweight, breathable materials. Below we run through some of the best cycling tops Read more >

Best Buys from the January Sales

They say hair of the dog is the best recovery method for a hangover. So, obviously, what better way to get over that lingering stress of Christmas shopping than a splurge in the January sales? It sounds horrendous, I know. But then again there are some rather good offers knocking Read more >

Cycling to the Office PART 2: Shirts

In the second part of our series on cycling clothes that also work in the office, we take a look at the best cycling shirts you can cycle in. You can read PART 1 – Trousers – here and PART 3 – Footwear – here. So what do we look for Read more >

Showcase: Ted Baker – Raising The Handlebars

A new season is upon us. Unfortunately that season is autumn heading into winter. Summer is over kids, go home. Sorry. The good news is that with the new season comes new clothes lines. The better news is that brands are finally waking up to the fact that most regular Read more >

4 Unmissable Sales for Stylish Cycling Clothes

Looking for the best stylish cycling gear for discounted prices? A host of cycling brands are currently offering huge discounts on their end of summer range, and we’ve picked out some of the best for you below! Rapha – up to 50% off The big guns of the stylish cycling Read more >

Fairwear Silkroad Office Cycling Shirt – Review

When The Discerning Cyclist was launched in 2011, one of the key aspects I was interested in was finding cycling clothes that were office appropriate. During the journey I’ve come across successful attempts and some not so successful. But there is undoubtedly still a long way to go when it Read more >

Otto London BANG! T-shirt – Review

Otto London have forged a growing reputation in producing waterproof capes for cycling and they kindly sent me one of their capes along with one of the new t-shirts from their new BANG! line to try out, made in collaboration with Mission Communications and Continental Clothing. However, I currently reside Read more >

Hackett Cooper Bike Shorts & Polo – Review

Tom and Jerry, Batman and Robin, Morecambe and Wise, Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole, Marmite and Cheese… you should probably add Hackett and Cooper to that list of partnerships that just, well, work. Who? Cooper Bikes make bicycles – cool bicycles – and have done since 2009. They do form Read more >

Foska Heinz Tomato Ketchup Jersey – Review

We get sent all sorts of things at the Discerning Cyclist to check out – and this is certainly one of the most ‘interesting’ yet. Made by Foska, this Heinz Tomato Ketchup jersey is certainly an eye-catching number – something you’d expect from the people who shot to fame after Read more >

A chat with Vaughn Brown of Parker Dusseau

Suits and bicycles rarely mix – much to the frustration of many. But has Parker Dusseau come up with, not a compromise, but a solution in the form of the Commuter Suit? Parker Dusseau, based in San Francisco, was formed in 2012 and has been receiving rave reviews from the Read more >

12 Cheap Christmas Present Ideas for Cyclists

NEW: 10 Secret Santa Ideas Under £30 for Cyclists There’s no getting away from it. It’s December. So in the words of Slade: “It’s Christmasssss!” And, whether you’ve embraced the merriment of Christmas or not, it’s time to start looking for your presents now whether it’s for a friend, family Read more >

Café du Cycliste Simone Jersey Review

When I first saw small image of the Simone Jersey on Café du Cycliste it immediately caught my eye. Here appeared to be a fusion of modern, contemporary style, fused with a hint of retro cycling-chic. And I liked the colour. Café du Cycliste seems a bit cool to be Read more >

ELEVEN vélo Showcase

I’ve never fancied myself much as a clothes designer; but playing on was one of the most engrossing, enjoyable shopping experiences I’ve had. Eleven vélo, run by the very friendly Gerard, are based down under in Australia. Launched way back in 2001, they are unique in that they offer Read more >

Frankly Mens Basic Crew Tee – Review

My initial reaction when I got my hands on the Frankly Basic Crew Tee was somewhat of disappointment. The material seem too feel a little coarse – as though it may irritate the skin – and the fit around my chest seemed overly snug. Initially I was skeptical about even Read more >

Vulpine Merino V-Neck T-shirt – Review

One thing that really sets Vulpine apart, and something of which I’m rather fond, is their attention to detail. As soon as you’ve received your order you know you’ve got your hands on quality. My order for the Merino V-neck t-shirt arrived in a fetching green Vulpine shoulder bag – a Read more >

Howies Slipstream Jersey – Review

Guest post by Stephan Caspar Stephan saw our tweet giving a shout out to Howies for their lovely new Slipstream cycling jersey – so impressed Stephan went into the Cardigan Bay Emporium that is Howies Shop and picked one up and he very kindly has reviewed it for us below. Read more >

Vulpine Long Sleeve Merino T-Shirt – Review

It’s getting to the time of year where we can shed a layer or two. Where the woolly hat is replaced with the cycling cap, the winter gloves no longer need the liner that provided such strong back up during those colder January days; one thing does remain constant all Read more >

Union 34 Men’s Paragon Long Sleeve Shirt – Review

It seems when most companies who produce smart cycling clothes start up they usually bring out a jersey/t-shirt as one of their first pieces, understandable it’s a key stable in the diet of cyclewear. Union 34 have mixed it up though and have no t-shirt in their startup range but Read more >

Helly Hansen Warm Base Layer – Review

One of the first ‘made for cycling’ tops I got when I started this flirtation with all things bike was a compression base layer. It did it’s job, kept me warm but as it was a compression layer, man it was tight and I was constantly pulling at the neck. Read more >

Road Rags Ltd Merino Stylish Cycling Clothing

Thanks to Gerry from Cyclr, the DC discovered a new clothing range that’s just perfect for us cycling types. A range of merino clothing from a company called Road Rags. Four different styles of tops and a pair of women’s leggings. Three style of tops for the boys – The Read more >

Torm T5 Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey – Review

So this review can be definitively summed up like this. One of the best cycling jerseys I’ve worn. Okay, great, thanks for reading. What’s that? You want me to go into it a bit more? Well alright then… …It was a dark and stormy night, well not exactly, but one Read more >

Carbonaut Monument Polo T-Shirt – Review

During the last week of October the official launch of a new British company producing a range of sleek and smartly tailored clothing suitable for cycling took place. That company is called Carbonaut Clothing Company and behind it is a small team dedicated and extremely passionate about cycling style in Read more >

Stylish Cycling Clothes – Selection #002

Interviews and a mammoth post about merino have been the way of life this week at the DC but it’s still not denied us the pleasure of nosing around the web looking at great gear for on the bike and beyond. We’re finding great new gear everyday plus with existing Read more >

Stylish Cycling Clothes – Merino Tops

So it’s getting cold, brrrr, as it does this time of year and if you’re the type of cyclist for whom the act of pedalling is not the only reason to go out on a given day you will be looking for something suitable, and hopefully stylish which is going Read more >

Stylish Cycling Clothes – Selection #001

It’s been a busy old week here at the Discerning Cyclist filled with pictures, meeting, greeting new people and of course a good chunk of looking around and seeing what’s out there. Lots of great gear popping up that’s fitting of the tag – discerning. Still a lot more that Read more >

H&M Merino Wool Jumper – Review

H & M. What can I say about them. I love the place, stylish gear for relatively cheap prices. They seem to keep an eye on what’s out there and then produce similar items that don’t hurt the pocket quite as much. Not all if any of the products are Read more >

Finisterre Malin Merino Crew – Review

This week I happened upon a great website called Finisterre, set up by Tom Kay to sell British made outdoor gear. Although primarily aimed at the surf industry they sell merino clothing and we all know how cycling loves merino. They’ve made a range of baselayers and knitwear that are Read more >

Smart Cycling Clothes – Cycle Love T-shirt

In their own words – Cycle Love is about the stuff that makes cycling great, and celebrating the diversity of cycle culture — bikes *and* people. Well owner of the Cycle Love website, James Greig has taken that one step further and produced a smart looking t-shirt which celebrates & Read more >

Howies Jesse Merino Polo – Review

It’s getting cold and you still want to hold that little bit of style whilst you cycle, but you don’t want to have to carry a change of gear with you. There are now quite a few options about to peruse and ponder over when looking for stylish, yet practical Read more >

Discerning Bicycles for Discerning Cyclists

You can be the most stylish and discerning of cyclists but there’s always going to be one important piece of equipment you’ll need to complete the look, and that, is the bicycle. A bicycle is a very personal thing and everybody has their own taste and opinions when it comes Read more >

Vulpine Short Sleeve Merino Polo – Review

“The perfect all-day-anywhere cycling top. Classic and subtly styled, with immense attention to detail and and cycling-specific features. The cut is crisp and long at the back for riding.” And so say Vulpine about their Short Sleeve Merino Polo. This polo shirt is a Discerning Cyclist’s dream. A fashionable, nicely Read more >

Best Cycling Clothes – Casual Ride

If you’ve only got a short commute or you’re going out to town for the day and you’re travelling by bike, Discerning Cyclist has put together this little collection of stylish cycling attire that will serve you well – while riding and even enjoying a beer with friends. 1. Commuter Hooded Read more >