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Do Cyclists Pay ‘Road Tax’? [Truth Revealed]

“Those bloomin’ cyclists, in their silly outfits. They should be paying road tax if they want to use our roads!” It’s a caricature for sure, but it certainly rings familiar. And frustrated motorists have a point, don’t they? After all,...

Is Cycle to Work Scheme Worth It? [PROS + CONS]

A transformation is underway in towns and cities. A policy shift by those in positions of power influences the ergonomics of a road layout. Social responsibility is sought via programmes of active travel. Governments are seeking ways to get more...

Can Cycling Help Sciatica? [ANALYSIS]

Sciatica. Sounds unpleasant doesn’t it? Well it won’t surprise you to know that it’s a dispassionate term from the medical world that accurately describes one of life’s many ‘pains in the rear’ (literally!) and sadly, does not relate to the...

Do Bikes Attract Lightning? [SAFETY RECOMMENDATIONS]

Every year, the UK and Ireland typically experiences between 200,000 and 300,000 lightning counts, with 10,000 per day quite normal during a particularly bad storm. But despite being a relatively common weather phenomenon, there are plenty of myths surrounding lightning....

Do Self-Charging Electric Bikes Exist?

For many cyclists, electric bikes have been the perfect invention: they require less pedal power yet still improve your fitness, are an environmentally friendly alternative to cars or motor vehicles, and generally look pretty slick, too. Which is always important....

How Fast Does Google Maps Assume You Bike?

If you take your bike out for a spin and end up venturing into the unknown, embrace it. Not only because you might find your new favourite cycling route, but because as long as you’ve got signal on your smart...

Is Cycling to Work ‘Enough’ Exercise?

During the peak of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, I dusted off my bike and running shoes and lost a good amount of weight, which you can read about here. Of course, when I was cycling...

Rapha Technical Trousers [Review]

History recounts numerous colossal errors by individuals: Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in winter, the Captain of the Titanic’s hubris and David Beckham’s 2003 haircut. While not of quite the same magnitude as these men, I must add my name to...


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A folding helmet that actually looks good.

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