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Plus Bike vs Fat Bike: Differences + Advantages Explained

If you enjoy adventuring into the wilderness and living that #outdoorsisfree life then you’ll have seen the plus bikes and fat bikes rolling around your local outdoor spaces. Unlike the conventional cross country bike that’s been around since the 90’s,...

How to Bike to Work Without Sweating [5 Tips]

Sweating is healthy. We all need to sweat, it’s our body’s way of cooling down. But if we’re cycling to work, the last thing we want is to arrive as a dripping mess, leaving puddles on the floor. Not every...

Do Cyclists Pay ‘Road Tax’? [Truth Revealed]

“Those bloomin’ cyclists, in their silly outfits. They should be paying road tax if they want to use our roads!” It’s a caricature for sure, but it certainly rings familiar. And frustrated motorists have a point, don’t they? After all,...

Is Cycle to Work Scheme Worth It? [PROS + CONS]

A transformation is underway in towns and cities. A policy shift by those in positions of power influences the ergonomics of a road layout. Social responsibility is sought via programmes of active travel. Governments are seeking ways to get more...

Are Road Bikes Good for Commuting? [PROS + CONS]

Road bikes are considered the thoroughbred within the cycling stable. Their manufacturers invest considerable resources into researching and developing the technologies and geometry that provide you with a platform to ride fast on smooth roads.  Companies who make road bikes...


1. 🧥Rapha Lightweight Commuter Jacket
Stylish, waterproof and easy to throw in a bag.

2. 📍Sherlock Anti-Theft GPS Bike Tracker
Get alerted if your bike moves without you.

3. 👖DUER All-Weather Denim
Waterproof cycling jeans - need I say more?

4. 🪖LIVALL BH60SE Smart Bike Helmet
A helmet with lights that plays music.

5. 🥾Chrome Storm 415 Workboot
Waterproof shoes. No more soggy feet.