Cycling Accessories

VeloHalo: The Bike Lights in the Spotlight

It goes without saying that being seen by other road users when you’re cycling is vital. And while a good front and rear LED set up is a decent start, something a bit more eye-catching – especially when you’re at a 90˚ angle to others – can hugely improve your Read more >

LUMO reveal 3 new innovations on Kickstarter

Having launched via Kickstarter on 2015, and enjoyed great success with their innovative range of stylish cycling attire (including the a dashing Harrington Jacket which we reviewed), LUMO are back on the lookout for investment for their next range of products. Next in line for the West Sussex-based start-up are Read more >

11 Chic Christmas Present Ideas for Cyclists

It’s here: Xmas 2k15. Merry Christmas, Frohe Weihnachten, Feliz Navidad, Buon Natale, Joyeux Noël, メリークリスマス! But what is the perfect Christmas gift for the cyclist in your life (short of a bicycle, of course)? Well, to help you on your way, and to avoid the High Street madness, Discerning Cyclist Read more >

Can a Woolly Hat Really Save Your Life?

You can’t beat a good old hand-knitted woolly hat for the colder months, can you? It’s the epitome of a cosy winter. So it’s all the more impressive that On The Glo, who launched their Kickstarter campaign on 23rd October, have taken such a classic simple design and added a Read more >

24Bottles Salva Gamba Waterproof Cycling Trousers – Review

Okay, so a while ago I was sent the Salva Gamba waterproof cycling trousers from 24Bottles. And, after checking out there website I discovered that these cost €69! That’s just over £50 – for waterproof trousers. To me that seemed like madness, considering my previous pair of waterproof over trousers Read more >

Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket Plus – Review

Just over a year ago I reviewed two of the Bellroy wallets range, the Elements Pocket and Elements Sleeve. And, since that time, I have been using only these two wallets. At first I was using the Elements Sleeve as my day-to-day wallet, and while I love the slenderness and Read more >

Why Your Bike Lock Is about to Look Very Outdated

From navigation, to helmets and bike lights, there’s no part of the cycling gear industry that’s immune to innovation – much of it crowdfunded. However, perhaps the greatest opportunity for innovation is with bike locks. Theft continues to blight the experience of cycling for many. From theft of individual components Read more >

Closca Fuga: The Foldable Bike Helmet Revisited

16 months ago I reviewed Closca’s first attempt at a folding bicycle helmet, following a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Despite being hopeful of the product bridging a style gap in the helmet market, I was left disappointing with the bulkiness and design of the helmet. It felt like it Read more >

The Ultra-Reflective Cycling Backpack Catching Attention on Kickstarter

Blending cycling functionality, style and safety in cycling clothes and accessories has become increasingly popular amongst cyclists recently, and one of the most eye-catching projects currently on Kickstarter certainly ticks all three boxes. RA Reflective have come up with two backpack designs (the ‘Reflect | Pack’), along with a beanie Read more >

Is MIRA the Perfect Everyday Cycling Bag?

Since 2012, Gosia and Maciek from Bike Belle have been creating wonderfully chic cycling accessories – with a particular focus on making ladies cycling more stylish than ever. Elizabeth even reviewed a few of them a while back for Discerning Cyclist. Their diverse range of products include all manner of Read more >

How to Shower without a Shower

Not having a shower at their workplace is one of the biggest gripes cyclists tend to have with their employers. Well, things have changed. And it’s nothing to do with your employer. A wet shower is so last year. Now, you can have a dry shower from a can – Read more >

Forest and Fin’s Bicycle Wrap Skirt – Review

Biking in the summer can sometimes lead to challenges when the weather is hot and/or humid. The breezes while pedaling feel fabulous, but once you stop, the sweating starts (or maybe it’s just me). Summer biking always makes me fantasize about the cool linens of the South – they seem Read more >

Hiplok Lite – Review

When it comes to bike locks, the big problem I’ve always encountered is how to carry about my lock when I’m riding. For the past couple of years, my primary lock has been a relatively chunky D-Lock. It was great for securing the bike, but carrying it about was a Read more >

Kickstarter Cycling Stars: Port Hardy

One of the latest Kickstarter projects to really catch my eye is Port Hardy, who have created some of the most discerning and elegant vintage bicycle bags I’ve seen in a long time. The Port Hardy range consists of various saddle, handlebar and frame bags, some of which also double Read more >

3 Summer Commuting Essentials for Discerning Cyclists

The days are lengthening, temperatures are rising, and there’s barely a cloud in the sky. This all means one thing: the season of the cyclist has arrived. As much as we’d all like to be committed, hard-core, all year long commuters, the truth is that lots of us are fair-weather Read more >

Oopsmark Bicycle Wine Rack – Review

When I first saw Oopsmark’s Bicycle Wine Rack when meandering the curvaceous and often shady alleyways of the World Wide Web, I couldn’t help but smile. What a marvelous world we live in that such a pointless, yet poignantly perfect accessory exists. A wine rack for a bicycle – oh Read more >

Find Cheap Bike Parts in Your Area with Shpock

One of the big ‘perks’ of cycling that people often mention is just how cheap it is. Which is, for the most, true. There’s no fuel costs, no “road tax” and the general up keep is pretty low. Nevertheless, whether it’s finding a seat, wheel or basket, when we do Read more >

In Profile: Goodordering – the Good Cycling Bags

Launched in 2012 by fashion designer Jacqui Ma, East London-based Goodordering is one of several companies in the cycling fashion arena that got its big break thanks to Kickstarter. Drawing inspiration from Japanese school bags, Scandinavian design and retro luggage, Jacqui’s bag designs – aimed at commuter cyclists – are Read more >

Le Col Neck Warmer Review

A few months back, Le Col kindly sent me one of the neck warmers to try out. Now, I appreciate this is not at all seasonal – but at least you can plan well ahead for autumn and winter this year! I’ve never previously worn a neck warmer before, and Read more >

Tesco’s Outdoor Clothing Waterproofer + Wash – Review

I was asked to test out some of Tesco’s Expert Outdoor Clothing Waterproofer and Wash products a while ago, to see whether – despite being half the price – they can match up to some of their competitors. These products are, essentially, for looking after your waterproof gear to ensure Read more >

How to Carry Your Bike Upstairs with Ease

Living on the second floor of an apartment with only a narrow stairwell for access, I spend a great deal of time carrying my bike up and down stairs. It’s awkward and uncomfortable, and I’m amazed I haven’t injured myself – or fallen down the stairs thanks to an off-balanced Read more >

A Cycling Poncho?

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning – set for work – then taking a peak out of the window to see the last thing in the world you wanted to see… bloody rain. Fortunately, I’ve been blessed for the past couple of years as my commute has Read more >

Is This Cycling Bag Too Cool for School?

[FASHION PHILOSOPHY RANT WARNING] It’s strange how what you wear can alter your mood and even how people treat you. It’s an extension of you. Maybe more than that, it’s your front cover. You’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but everybody does. It’s one of the Read more >

Bike Belle – Cycling Accessories Review

Poland? Why was I getting a package from Poland? Oh yes – Bike Belle is located in Poland! Yay, my Bike Belle accessories arrived faster than anticipated! I was very excited to test out some new bicycle accessories, and these do not disappoint! A bike bell, valve caps, and a Read more >

Sako7Socks – Review

Style and panache on one’s bicycle are paramount. For someone with a little more talent I imagine they probably ‘let their legs do the talking’… if my legs could talk they’d probably be saying “can we get off now” or “when’s the cafe stop”. To this end I have no Read more >

Crumpler Muli Backpack XL – Review

When I’m writing a review for Discerning Cyclist, I try to ensure I cover all the bases: what the product is suitable for, how the product looks, good points, bad points and, of course, letting you know the features of the product. When it comes to reviewing the Crumpler Muli Read more >

How to Slim Your Wallet – Bellroy Review

An advert popped up on my Facebook feed not so long ago that I felt compelled to click. The link took me to a page telling me how to slim my wallet. My interest was piqued. A Marketing Tangent I love cycling. But I also have an unhealthy obsession with Read more >

sugru: How to Attach a Bike Light and 20 Other Cycling Uses

What is sugru? Form and fix the stuff you love. That is the motto of sugru, who produce self-setting rubber – effectively, useful Play-Doh for adults. How to use sugru The process is simple: wash your hands, open the mini-pack (5g) with scissors, use your fingers to make your desired Read more >

NOMONRO Dress Clips: Cycling in a Dress

One of the best things about biking in the summer is the pure pleasure that comes from biking in a skirt or dress and sandals. It’s a hard-to-describe feeling but it’s very freeing and relaxing. Of course, it can sometimes be too freeing, if a breeze catches you off guard Read more >

Vaude Silkroad Pannier Bag Review

I’ve been meaning to make the plunge into using a pannier for a long while now. Regardless of how well built a backpack is, it doesn’t half give you a sweaty back – not a great look when you roll into the office. So, after finally investing in a pannier Read more >

Natril Gear Handlebar Bag – Review

By Elizabeth A. Floyd from the tinlizzieridesagain blog. My normal “around town” bike has a giant front basket that I brought home to Washington, DC, from Copenhagen, carefully packed in a suitcase. So I don’t really have much need for a small handlebar bag. But a cute blue and green print one from Natril Read more >

Mr Nutcase Personalised Phone Case – Review

Okay, this might not be a ‘cycling accessory’, per se, but it is certainly a life accessory. And, as cycling is a part of life, I’m gonna say it’s fine to review a case for a phone. It needs protection especially if you throw it on a bag during your Read more >

Closca Folding Bike Helmet – Review

Bicycle helmets split opinion among cyclists. The safety aspect is undeniable, but many of us still opt to go without. But why? Largely it comes down to comfort, vanity and practicality. Helmets can be uncomfortable, make you sweat more, are bulky to carry around and, as pathetic as it sounds, Read more >

3 Vital Cycling Accessories for Rainy Days

It’s 8am,  I’m on the way to work and it’s pouring down with rain. Urgh. Cycling in the rain can often leave us asking: “why do I do this?” But, wrap up well, don the unflattering waterproofs and invest in some cheap accessories for your bike, and your journey’s will Read more >

Timbuk2 Chug Laptop Backpack – Review

Now I’m not one to be seduced by cheap gimmicks, but the Timbuk2 Chug Laptop Backpack has a bottle opener on its strap. You heard. If that alone is not enough to convince you that you want this bag, then I guess you should continue reading the rest of the Read more >

12 Cheap Christmas Present Ideas for Cyclists

NEW: 10 Secret Santa Ideas Under £30 for Cyclists There’s no getting away from it. It’s December. So in the words of Slade: “It’s Christmasssss!” And, whether you’ve embraced the merriment of Christmas or not, it’s time to start looking for your presents now whether it’s for a friend, family Read more >

ELEVEN vélo Showcase

I’ve never fancied myself much as a clothes designer; but playing on was one of the most engrossing, enjoyable shopping experiences I’ve had. Eleven vélo, run by the very friendly Gerard, are based down under in Australia. Launched way back in 2001, they are unique in that they offer Read more >

This is Cambridge Commuter Cycling Cap – Review

So this review will doubtless contain this phrase at least once “I doff my cap to you”  and I certainly do doff my cap to bid you dear reader good day for taking the time to read this (my second to last) review (for the Discerning Cyclist).  I would also like Read more >

Trowbridge Saddle Bag – Review

For the discerning lady or gentleman who cares to cycle (discerningly of course) there’s is a bicycle not for high sport performance or weekends going down a mountain but for a civilized mode of transport used at a leisurely pace. Of course such a cyclist is also in need of Read more >

Georgia in Dublin – Stylish Cycling Gear & Accessories

Irish company Georgia in Dublin have made it their aim to look stylish on the bike whether it’s a tad drizzly or a major deluge. Highly functional cycling clothing is the key behind their product and Georgia in Dublin is dedicated to providing gear that has dual uses of function Read more >

The Story of Yossi and Max from Nisnas Industries

One of the my favourite things about the internet is that you sometimes you stumble upon something exceedingly beautiful. That’s what happened when I came across Nisnas Industries – producers of some of the most elegant, unique, intricately-crafted messenger bags and notebooks I’ve  seen. But Nisnas is also a statement; Read more >

A Chat with Claire Armstrong owner of Saddle & Spoke

We all can appreciate the finer things in life, those things that have an edge, a sophistication, an eye for detail, a thing of beauty. Certainly recently there have been some wonderful products for our beloved activity commonly referred to as cycling that have been crafted and introduced to the Read more >

The Beautiful Ride – Cycling Notebooks

I don’t why, but I’ve always had a bit of an odd obsession with stationery trinkets. Stick me in any shop and I get a whiff of some stationery, I’ll be kept amused for the foreseeable future trying to justify to myself why I’d need to buy a box of Read more >

Rachel’s Journey – The Story of Michaux Club

We all like a nice bag to carry our wares about, women in particular appreciate a good handbag but when you jump on a bike you can suddenly find that very nice bag of yours, a lot of the time, doesn’t have the function to joining you for the journey Read more >

Trakke Wee Lug Harris Tweed Messenger Bag – Review

To cycle with a bag is pretty much a necessity really. Very few occasions you will find it okay to leave the bag at home and venture out on the humble push bike alone. Finding a bag that suits your every day needs whilst suiting your riding style is no easy feat. The iL Read more >

Cleverhood Waterproof Cape – Review

The rain is a constant irritant to most cyclists but there are many jackets and coats around to help keep you as dry as possible. However they are not without their flaws. Breathable rain jackets are not truly waterproof and on the other side of the coin fully waterproof jackets Read more >

(Il) Soigneur Musette – Review

Unless you are going a very short distance on your bike it’s usually a good idea to carry some kind of object that you can transport some cycling essentials. Now who you are will depend on what you truly decide as essential but for me, a pump and a puncture Read more >

Stylish Cycling Clothes – Selection #002

Interviews and a mammoth post about merino have been the way of life this week at the DC but it’s still not denied us the pleasure of nosing around the web looking at great gear for on the bike and beyond. We’re finding great new gear everyday plus with existing Read more >

Stylish Cycling Clothes – Selection #001

It’s been a busy old week here at the Discerning Cyclist filled with pictures, meeting, greeting new people and of course a good chunk of looking around and seeing what’s out there. Lots of great gear popping up that’s fitting of the tag – discerning. Still a lot more that Read more >

Discerning Bicycles for Discerning Cyclists

You can be the most stylish and discerning of cyclists but there’s always going to be one important piece of equipment you’ll need to complete the look, and that, is the bicycle. A bicycle is a very personal thing and everybody has their own taste and opinions when it comes Read more >

Cycling in the Rain — Part 2

Finishing off the Discerning Cyclist’s style ideas (see Part 1 here) for stylish yet functional gear to keep you as dry as possible whilst you’re pedalling about in the pouring rain, we’re going to look at the lower half of the body. Getting dedicated waterproof trousers and shoes is not Read more >

Cycling in the Rain — Part 1

So it turns out you like going on cycle rides that take longer than 30 minutes. Great, happy riding. Oh it looks a beautiful day out, it’s going to be such a good cycle. Off you go whistling away, in your favourite jeans and hooded jacket. Oh yes, this is Read more >

Vulpine Storm Cap – Review

My most recent cycling attire purchase was the Vulpine Storm Cap, available from Vulpine for £35. I’m not a big lover of helmets (I know, I know – how very cavalier of me, but still), so I like to wear a cap instead. Until getting the Storm Cap I was Read more >