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This is Cambridge Commuter Cycling Cap – Review

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This is Cambridge Commuter Cycling CapSo this review will doubtless contain this phrase at least once “I doff my cap to you”  and I certainly do doff my cap to bid you dear reader good day for taking the time to read this (my second to last) review (for the Discerning Cyclist).  I would also like to paradoxically doff my cap in the direction of the very cap I’m doffing, the ‘Commuter’ cycling cap from a two-person (Daphne and Andy) company called this is… Cambridge.

Although they sell a few other items it is the cap that seems to be their big lead out item and are all hand made and designed by Daphne and Andy, if you’re close enough to their base of operation, which unsurprisingly is in Birkenhead – ha fooled you didn’t I – all jest aside they will even hand deliver by bike if you’re close enough to them (yes, they are in Cambridge).

The cap in question here the Commuter cycling cap is made from needlecord (corduroy)  which provides a durable outer edge with a drill cotton lining on the inside making it sit upon your peak quiet comfortably indeed. It’s a one size fits all affair with this cap but Daphne is very open to tinkering suggestions and you can customise the cap via a quick chat with her over email or telephone.

This is Cambridge Cycling Cap

It’s a different type of cap than you see from other cyclewear companies much more a cap that you can wear away from the bike. A very vintage looking cap and would be perfect for the tweed run (coincidenantly there’s one today at time of writing). The cap is a perfect fashion accessory with the function of keeping your head that bit warmer in chilly breezes.

The Commuter cap does not come advertised as water resistant but will provide protection for sometime like any standard cap does but certainly you will need a more appropriate piece of headwear during rainy spells.

Cycling Cap

The cap is made from four individual panels stitched together and then half stitched in the centre to give the cap it’s shape. An elasticated part at the section at the back allows the cap to stretch to fit the heads in it’s one size bracket. A peak at the front is curved stitched several times to let the peak hold it’s shape – this also creates a nice asethetic on the front of the cap and just adds to the quintessential look of the Commuter cap. All finished off with a button at the top of the cap. Now this looks more for looks than for a designed purpose and although I originally thought there maybe issues mixing this cap with a helmet, Brian Palmer from the Washing Machine Post has also had the pleasure of trying out these caps and he gives it the all clear for helmet use which is as close to being set in stone as is possible without setting it in stone.

A nice little touch around the cap is the feature of a small tag with a bicycle icon stitched into it. This is a nice piece of branding that give this is… Cambridge and the cap an instant recognisable look of it’s own. The bag the cap comes in as well has some lovely touches. A simple brown paper bag again a nod to vintage style but with some charming details to finish it off. The bag is hand stitched closed with a fabric label added displaying the fashion line of this is… Cambridge. The logo is stamped onto the bag on the bottom left corner which just finishes off the whole packaging very nicely and again just helps communicate the simple and classic design behind this young companies ethos.

This is Cambridge Cap

It’s a lovely cap. Really works as a fashion accessory and a cap that provides function for when you’re cycling. It fits in with the everyday commuter too as a lot of other cycling caps are just a bit too sporty looking. This fills the everyday look bracket to perfection.

It’s a credit to Daphne how well this cap has been made and I must doff my cap to her because it’s a real labour of love this cap – not a stitch or thread out of place. It feels strongly made and built to last. It’s a very comfortable hat after your head has gotten used to it although advertised as featuring a more relaxed fit than other cycling caps, it did take a few wears until my head became acccustomed to it’s new cover but once it did I found it be a very good fit – the this is… Cambridge commuter cap will sit proudly on your head most discerningly indeed.Bicycle CapYou can buy the this is… Cambrdige Commuter cap from this is… Cambridge. It’s available in grey, black, olive green and very bright red and very bright orange and priced at ÂŁ28 which considering you’re getting a quality product hand made based in Britain is an excellent price.

Fit: 8/10
Function: 7/10
Style: 9/10
Value for Money:  8/10
Quality: 10/10

Overall: 42/50

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