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The dos and don’ts of cycling fashion

Whether you are using your bike to commute to and from work, or you’re just hoping to look great when on a relaxing bike ride, these are the dos and don’ts you should follow when it comes to looking stylish in your cycling gear.

Take a look at these tips from family-run cycling retailer Leisure Lakes Bikes and avoid a fashion faux pas when you’re behind the saddle:

Do wear a bandana or cap under your helmet

If you opt to wear a helmet when you’re cycling, you can help reduce the amount of sweat that reaches your face by popping on a bandana or cycling cap underneath your helmet.

Don’t wear underwear under a lycra cycling outfit

. This isn’t because of the potential embarrassment that you could face if the outline of your Y-fronts appears under your lycra shorts — though this is a style issue in itself. Instead, it’s because wearing a high-quality pair of lycra shorts complete with a padded insert will be a lot more comfortable than trying to combine underwear with cycling shorts.

If you do opt to ‘go lycra’, then at least do so in the true comfort it intends. Also, make sure to keep your hands warm. You can see more cycling gloves here.

Do wear sunglasses that reflect your personality

We will let retired pro cyclist David Millar cover the reason for this one. Speaking to The Telegraph, he acknowledged: “Glasses are one of the few things which really give you a sense of identity as a rider. Your helmet and clothing cover you up, but it is the little touches that matter. Anything which breaks from the uniform and reveals a bit about your personality is good… Find your own look and make it yours.”

Dog Sunglasses

Don’t wear long socks

There are two reasons for avoiding long socks when you’re out cycling. For one, any oil that has sprayed up from your bike’s chain will be a lot easier to clean off your leg than the fabric of your socks. Plus, one of the benefits of cycling is that the exercise can help you get well-defined calf muscles — why wouldn’t you want to show them off?

Do wear your hair in a ponytail or plaits

This one applies to cyclists who have long hair; by putting your hair into a ponytail or in plaits, you will find it easier to comb and look presentable once you reach your destination. It just makes the beginning of a work day or day out shopping that little less stressful.

Cyclist in Pink

What are your dos and don’ts of cycling fashion? Comment below.

Pete Reynolds


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