Tesco’s Outdoor Clothing Waterproofer + Wash – Review

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I was asked to test out some of Tesco’s Expert Outdoor Clothing Waterproofer and Wash products a while ago, to see whether – despite being half the price – they can match up to some of their competitors.

These products are, essentially, for looking after your waterproof gear to ensure that they maintain their waterproofness (real word?) even after being put through the washing machine. The proofer (500ml) is available for just £4.50 and should provide you with three treatments, while the wash, comes in at £3 for the same amount.

Both items are suitable for use on Gore-Tex and maintain fabric breathability. The pre-wash provides a gentle cleaning for outdoor clothing as to not damage it, while the post-wash adds new waterproof layers to the fabric.

Admittedly, though, I am no expert when it comes to washing clothes – nor for my waterproofing abilities. For me, I pop in my dirty clothes, put in one of those little capsules and if they come out wet and smelling like flowers, I deem it a great success.

I followed the instructions as recommended, popper my waterproof jacket in the wash, then applied the ‘waterproofer’ afterwards. Once dry, my jacket had maintained its usual waterproof capabilities. So, all I can say about these products is that, well, they work! They’re also cheaper than many ‘branded’ alternatives.

At this point I’m going to shirk my duties as a reviewer, as, to me, there is little else to be said about these affordable products that do the job.

However, if you want a little bit more depth about these products, I’d highly recommend watching the following review about them on Paul Brook’s YouTube channel, which admittedly goes into more depth than I ever could.

Purchase Tesco’s Expert Outdoor Clothing Wash (pre-wash) here (£3)

Purchase Tesco’s Expert Outdoor Waterproofer (post-wash) here (£4.50)

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