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sugru: How to Attach a Bike Light and 20 Other Cycling Uses

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What is sugru?

Form and fix the stuff you love. That is the motto of sugru, who produce self-setting rubber – effectively, useful Play-Doh for adults. 

How to use sugru

The process is simple: wash your hands, open the mini-pack (5g) with scissors, use your fingers to make your desired shape, attached it to your target (mouldable for 30 minutes) and 24 hours later it will have set as rubber.

sugru uses

Uses for sugru seem endless. From adding grips to handles, sticking new items to other things, providing soft edges to sharp objects, the potential is exasperating. It’s also worth noting that sugru is easily removable, as it is, in essence, just rubber. 

sugru is formable by hand and can perform as a self-adhesive to many materials, including aluminium, steel, ceramics, glass, wood, as well as some plastics and fabrics. This makes it perfect for performing small repairs on the materials in your life. It is waterproof and dishwasher proof and can deal with temperatures from -50°C up to 180°C.

Packs of sugru are available for £12.99, with each containing eight packets of 5g sachets, and is available in red, white, blue, yellow and black – with packs containing multiple colours, just black or black and white up for grabs. If those colours aren’t enough for you, you can mix colours to create another colour you want – again like Play-Doh. Careful though, mix them all together too much and you’ll end up with the inevitable brown Play-Doh sugru ball – and nobody, nobody, wants that.

So, for cyclists, what use is sugru?

Below we’ve compiled just a selection (a selection of 25!) of sugru uses for cyclists. First up though, The Discerning Cyclist has launched a YouTube channel (feel free to subscribe – more videos coming soon!) and what better way to start than showing how to attach my rogue rear light to your bicycle?

1)  Attach a light to your bicycle

2) Adapt your handles to suit your hands


3) Attach reflective strips to various parts to your frame

Make yourself more visible in the twilight hours by using sugru to attach reflective strips to your frame to make sure you’re seen at all angles in the darkness. 

4) Attach a bike bell

Sugru Bike Bell

5) Make your bike quieter

6) Adapt your bottle holder

Sugru Bicycle Bottle Holder

7) Personalise your bike 


8) Create a key holder

Attach a keyring to your bike using sugru and then simply clip your keys on and off when you need them. 

9) Make your basket more secure


10) Attach a mirror

Sugru Bicycle Mirror

11) Create a cheap Go Pro mount


12) Make light buttons easier to use

Sugru buttons

13) Fill in any dents or holes

Sugru dent hole filler

14) Attach a compass

Sugru attach

15) Attach to magnetic lights to your helmet

16) Make a removable smart phone mount

Sugru bicycle phone mount
You can buy eight mini packs of Sugru from Amazon now for £12.99. Various colours are available.

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