Rapha Randonnee Shorts – Review [Most Stylish Commuter Shorts?]

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Cycling in the summer. That’s what life’s about.

But in order to ensure a comfortable commute or leisurely ride, getting the right legwear is key.

That’s why I spent a week creating a guide on the best urban bike shorts for men and women.

I always say trousers/shorts are the most important item of clothing for bike commuters. You can get away with a standard shirt or jacket, but your pants need to have some flexibility, the ability to let your legs breath and a good fit.

And that brings us on to the Rapha Randonnee Shorts, which I’ve been testing out for the past few months.

Rapha Randonnee Shorts
  • Fit
  • Function
  • Style
  • Value
  • Quality


The Rapha Randonnee Shorts are durable and versatile cycling shorts designed for long-distance riding. They feature a stretchy and breathable fabric, multiple pockets, and a chamois pad for comfort. The shorts also have reflective details for visibility.


  • Stretchy
  • Breathable
  • 3-Zipped Pockets
  • Look fantastic


  • Pricey

Rapha Randonnee Shorts

Rapha need little introduction. Love them or hate them, they know a thing about functional style and their city collection for commuters is one of my absolute favourites and I’ve reviewed lots of their gear previously.

It’s quite a statement, therefore, that I consider the Randonneee Shorts one of – if not the – best pieces of urban cycling apparel that Rapha have ever created. But why?

Stylish Commuter Shorts

Well, for starters these are stylish shorts for summer. Plain and simple. You’d have no idea that these are “cycling shorts” until you wore them and realised how comfortable and flexible they are.

The Randonnee shorts have a slim-fit style and are made from a blend of 94% Nylon and 6% Spandex, which is how Rapha have managed to create such as lightweight and stretchy short.

They also have a high-cut back, which is great for prevent rear exposure when riding and I actually found this cut to be more comfortable than shorts with a straight back cut.

3 Zipped Pockets

One particularly noteworthy feature of these shorts is the pockets and that’s because the two hand pockets are zipped, as well as the right rear pocket.

They’re not massive pockets and if the zips weren’t there, there would be a danger of your valuables falling out, but they are comfortably big enough to fit even the largest of smart phones in them.

The rear left pocket is also buttoned and this is where you’ll see Rapha’s iconic hi-vis pink flash for the tab that secures the button.

If you do like the pink Rapha detailing, there’s also another piece you can display – but only if you want to as there’s some detailing on the inside leg. So if you roll the shorts cuff up twice, you’ll see more hi-vis pink detailing and I find it a really nice touch. The shorts cut off just above my knee, but with a couple of rolls, they look a bit more flattering in my opinion.

Rapha Randonnee Shorts Review Summary

These are my favourite urban cycling shorts right now. At £90, they’re certainly not cheap, but I would also say they’re not extorniate given undoubted quality that they offer.

The Randonnee shorts are extremely comfortable, look fantastic and are perfect for life on and off the bike in the warmer months. You won’t look out of place even at the most formal of summer occasions in these shorts.

Rapha offer these shorts in navy blue and black (I have the nave blue pictured), although – at the time of writing at least – the navy option is out of stock.

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