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POLL: Should cyclists be required to wear a helmet by law?

Following a raucous debate on helmet use in cycling following Chris Boardman’s comments this week. We’re asking which side of the fence are you on?
Comment with your thoughts below.
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Pete Reynolds


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Pete Reynolds

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5 Responses

  1. Don Shipp says:

    Riding a bike is a mundane activity that carries with it about the same risks as most other mundane activities. There is no argument for wearing head protection for cycling but not wearing head protection at other times.

  2. Ann Lyon says:

    Wearing a helmet does nothing to prevent accidents, which is where the emphasis needs to be. It also has no effect whatever unless the cyclist hits his head (there are statistics that one-third of cyclists killed in accidents die from injuries to the torso, not the head).

    I have rather reluctantly taken to wearing a helmet after being knocked off my bike (I landed on my right elbow – painful and messy but not serious), and deciding that I’d used up rather too many of my nine lives. Since then I’ve come a cropper at speed on black ice – and landed on the other elbow!

  3. kwok says:

    I don’t understand the concerns about having to wear a helmet. I have been a cyclist for many decades, when I was young I didn’t wear a helmet, until I saw some photos of cracked heads and helmets from some cycling friends over the years. Then I realised that roads are full of hard surfaces and worst of all kerbs. I guess the main issue here is that if one falls whilst riding and bash up legs or arms there is a good chance we will recover, even if it is a broken arm or leg. But a fractured skull, I am sure the chances are much lower.
    I truly believe that wearing helmets will save lives. What also will save lives is being aware of your environment, because if you’re not then noone else will. Good luck to those who still rather go out without a helmet, they will also have a strong believe that they will be safe. But for me I’d rather have one whilst riding. I do admit that they could look better or lighter without the ludicrous costs.

  4. Mark says:

    As a year round cyclist I do wear a helmet and have had reason to be thankful for that fact on two occasions when coming off in poor weather. Both times damage to the helmet showed it was a good idea. However I am well aware that should I be involved in an accident with a motor vehicle wearing a helmet would be much less of a help against injury as other bits of me will take much more impact.

    I DON’T support legal compulsion to wear helmets as the drive is not to improve safety of cyclists by cyclists but from car drivers so they can carry on driving poorly without consideration for other road users as they think helmets will protect their target once hit.

    I might agree to compulsory helmets if we also get European style liability laws where by motor vehicle drivers are automatically held to be at fault when in collision with pedestrians/cyclists.

  5. Samantha Davis says:

    Statistics show that more than half the head injuries in ER’s are suffered by people in motor vehicles. Let’s mandate helmets for motorists first, before cyclists.

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