Otto London BANG! T-shirt – Review

Otto-London-shirtOtto London have forged a growing reputation in producing waterproof capes for cycling and they kindly sent me one of their capes along with one of the new t-shirts from their new BANG! line to try out, made in collaboration with Mission Communications and Continental Clothing.
However, I currently reside in the south of Spain, where temperatures average around 32°C during the summer – not that I mean to brag (or maybe I do…). Regardless of my bragging exploits, reviewing a rain cape is not ideal right now – so that review will be appearing in the next couple of months.
In the meantime, I’ve gotten up close and personal to their BANG! t-shirt. Which is much better suited to warmer climes.


As soon as you get hold of this top, you appreciate the fluidity of the material. It glides through your hands. According to the Otto London website, it is made from 70% bamboo fibre and 30% organic cotton. I’m no expert on materials, but I’ve been wearing t-shirts my whole life, so I think I that is a suitable pre-requisite for judging the results. And the results are good. Very good indeed.
The t-shirt is very light and wicks away sweat from the body in a very similar fashion to that of merino – ideal for the summer and when riding briskly. It also dries exceptionally quickly.

I had also presumed, based on the picture on the Otto website, that the reflective bicycle pattern design (or as they appropriately call it the ‘Jazz cycle firework symbol’) would be on the front of the shirt, however it turned out to be on the back. Surprising, but I certainly liked it. “Breaking the mould” you might say.
The top is slightly slim fitting in terms of cut, but remains relatively loose and is longer than your standard t-shirt, ensuring full rear coverage when on your bike – as any good cycling t-shirt should.
This is a very fetching t-shirt and one which oozes quality in terms of both build and style. It feels great to wear on the bike, and looks great off it.
While I opted for this t-shirt in an oh-so-summery black, it also comes in blue, green, red and white for men, as well as black, white and aubergine for women. The Otto BANG! t-shirt is available for an extremely reasonable £28 – a bit of a bargain considering the quality of the material.
Fit: 8/10
Function: 9/10
Style: 9/10
Value: 8/10
Quality: 9/10

Overall: 43/50

Pete Reynolds

Pete is the co-founder and editor of Discerning Cyclist. He commutes by bike daily from his home to his co-working space. Originally from Wirral, UK, Pete now lives in Spain. When visiting a new city, Pete loves nothing more than to explore it on two wheels. See Pete's Muck Rack profile

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  1. Katy says:

    Thank you for posting this, I live in Boston, but hadn’t seen it. I acautlly drive much more than I bike because I work 40 minutes away from home, but I’ve noticed Boston’s efforts to become more bike friendly in the last couple years with new bike lanes all over the place. I think that’s great, but as a driver more often than a biker I can tell you I am always a little afraid of bikers when I see them around me. Just as Jessie mentioned, the problem is I just don’t know what any given biker is going to do. I have frequently seen bikers run both stop signs and red lights, not signal, move unexpextedly around the road, go the wrong way down the middle of our one-way streets, etc. I also see many bikers do everything right, but bikers who don’t follow the rules give everyone a bad name and make it hard for drivers to learn how to properly share the road. I’m hoping now that the city is making the effort over time everyone will become more accustomed to this, but in the meantime I just try and give all bikers lots of room!Also, I just want to say that I so enjoy this blog. I don’t bike much, I’m not yet a parent, but after following you on academichic for a long time it was so great to know that one of you was still writing! Whatever the topic I enjoy your voice and feel like it’s great to read about, not only things I do frequently, but also things I know very little about.So thanks!Jenny

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