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Oopsmark Bicycle Wine Rack – Review

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When I first saw Oopsmark’s Bicycle Wine Rack when meandering the curvaceous and often shady alleyways of the World Wide Web, I couldn’t help but smile. What a marvelous world we live in that such a pointless, yet poignantly perfect accessory exists. A wine rack for a bicycle – oh my days. 


Naturally I had to try it out. I think it’s possibly the most discerning item I’ve come across while running this site. Constructed from vegetable-tanned leather (also available in brown or black), and handmade in Montreal, the wine carrier is held in place by antique brass fasteners.

Is this a novelty item? Absolutely. But there’s nothing wrong with that. The wine rack is a great way to make a bicycle ride to a picnic date an even more romantic occasion, or if you want to arrive at a party in style, you’ll certainly provide a grin to the other guests upon arrival.

How Easy Is It to Fit?

Pretty darn easy. As my video shows below, it shouldn’t take more than two minutes to fit. And once it’s on it only takes a few seconds to add and remove bottles. While it’s also simple to remove the whole carrier in about 30 seconds, and is very compact to carry around.


Will the Bottle Fall Out?

When you first try out the rack, you are certain it won’t work. Surely if I stop quickly or if I hit a bump it will fall out? If you’ve attached it properly, it absolutely will not. It’s much more secure than you think. Ensure the fasteners are nice and tight and it won’t budge.

Bike Wine Holder

If you are considering purchasing the Oopsmark bike wine carrier, which is available from $34 USD (with around $9 delivery to the UK – so about £28 all told if you live in Britain), make sure that it will fit your bike. It fits bike frames from 1-1.5” in diameter, so rules out most mountain bikes and chunkier frames. And it will carry bottles measuring 2.5-3.25”, so most water bottles will also fit in there (and even large beer bottles…).

Buy the Oopsmark Bicycle Wine Rack here.


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