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5 Great Places to Buy Office-Appropriate Cycling Gear

Cyclists often believe there are only two options when it comes to selecting what to wear for their ride. They can either: 1) wear cycling kit and then get changed when they reach their work place, or 2) wear their office gear which is far from optimised from cycling.

At Discerning Cyclist, we try to find a middle-ground. A third option, a compromise, if you will. We seek to find, showcase and review ‘stylish clothes you can cycle in’. In essence, we want clothes that look like your everyday clobber, but boast discreet cycling functionality to make your journey much more comfortable.

Some examples of features we like to see in “cycling clothes” are moisture-wicking and odour-resistant properties, stretchier fits (particularly for trousers), lower backs on shirts and jackets, and higher rear waistlines on trousers. All of which is – hopefully – wrapped up in a stylish design that doesn’t scream “CYCLIST!”

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But where can you find this happy middle-ground of cycling fashion? Well it’s actually an area that has grown tremendously in recent years. Below I’ve picked out five of my favourite online shops from where you can buy clothes that are both office-appropriate and suitable for your commute in.

#1 Ligne 8

When it comes to looking for formal wear that you can ride in, you won’t find a much more perfect match than with American company, Ligne 8. They have a vast collection of shirts, smart jackets and trousers for both sexes, all of which are of a high quality, with prices falling into the middle bracket. What’s more, international customers (including the UK) can get free shipping on orders over $100.

#2 BetaBrand

“The Web’s Crowdfunded Clothing Community” is how BetaBrand defines itself, and although not exclusively devoted cycling, they have various products, in particular their ‘bike to work’ range, which offer excellent cycling products for not too crazy prices. Although again based in America, they often offer free international shipping, particularly on big orders.

Betabrand Bike to Work

#3 Rapha

Rapha are the masters of stylish cycling in the UK. Both from a racing kit and an everyday wear perspective. Their range is vast and they offer plenty of shirts, trousers and jackets that are suitable for the office for both men and women in their range. While Rapha is hugely popular, you will have to pay a premium for their admittedly top quality products.  

Rapha Office Cycling

#4 Vulpine

“Ride & Destination” is the appropriate motto behind Vulpine, a company that has grown vastly since launching in 2012. Their range is a great blend of smart and casual wear that for men and women that has cycling at the forefront of its design, while boasting products suitable for almost any occasion.

Vulpine Office Cycling

#5 Ted Baker – Raising the Handlebars

Ted Baker entered the cycling market last year with an impressive smart-casual range of stylish cycling clothes for male cyclists. The Raising the Handlebars collection includes a variety of short and long sleeved shirts in a variety of patterns, jackets, polos, t-shirts and chinos.

Ted Baker Raising the Handlebars Cycling

What are your favourite brands or shops for finding cycling-appropriate clothing for the office? Comment below.

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Pete Reynolds


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