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Muxu Town Jacket CyclingThere are so many types of jackets that have the functionality required for a cycling journey. Some fare better than others in certain categories. There are the jackets that are functional kings but are luminous green others are stylish champions but a few minutes of rain turns them into a soggy mess. On the whole there is a growing range of jackets that do a great functional job whilst looking quite handsome on one’s person as their pedal powered adventures ensue.

One of the very best I’ve come across is the Muxu Town Jacket. Designed in Barcelona and under the tagline Urban cycling apparel for a Life by Bike – the Muxu Town Jacket is billed as a mid to light weight coat – in the colder weathers it does need a good midlayer underneath but it’s’s actually got a good substance and weight to it and is pretty much perfect on it’s own for every season bar the winter months and this crazy spring cold we’re having at the moment. The Muxu Town Jacket is the definition of stylish cycling gear. What makes it so appealing is all the function elements are kind of added very nonchalantly about the coat.

Muxu Town Jacket

A fitted cut to the jacket means it follows the contours of the body nicely so sits just right. The back tapers only slightly so you may want to think of mud guards as there’s no “booty” protection as such. However this adds to the appealing look of the jacket – it’s excellently well made, absolutely first class carrying a design that doesn’t have the same feel or look as a lot of other cycling jackets. I believe this is down to the minimum features added on, it’s just a simple well made jacket. Storage is kept to a minimum on the outside with a few more pockets on the inside because let’s be honest a commuter really doesn’t need so many pockets. Thus it adds to the sleekness and versatility of the jacket – like the single gear bike – less can go wrong.

Muxu Jacket

Very cleverly the jacket has been designed with drop shoulder seams at the back to aid with carrying a bag – another nod to the commuter cyclist. Low level light riding is aided by a small flap that folds down from the bottom of the back of the jacket revealing a reflective strip. This is held in place by 4 hidden magnets – which I found are a bit too much as it kept re-magnetising with the strip folding back up – it’s a nice idea though.

On the cuffs are reflective strips which you can unbutton and re-button the other way around to hide the strips when you’re about the town however they’re so inoffensive and a nice highlight feature of the jacket that I rarely do this. Speaking of the cuffs they’re a little longer so they have a nice fit when you’re grasping your handlebars.

Muxu Cycling Jacket

The coat is a dark grey with a dash of navy mixed in so fashionably blends in with ease around the high street. A zip high neck which is nice and comfy again not too close and not too loose sporting the Muxu logo in a small blue roundel on the left collar.

The Muxu Town jacket is made from a water resistant material meaning it can survive time in the rain, a lot of time to be exact and it dries pretty quickly too. There are 2 invisible vents that you can unzip to aid breathability just above the 2 main pockets at the front of the jacket hidden so well that you could miss them at first wear – I like this as it all adds to the minimal sleek lines of this fabulous cycling jacket. The front pockets have zips to secure the contents and the fold over flaps have a nice dash of blue either side to just give them a little extra lift and a nod to the Muxu brand. There’s a pocket around the back that’s got super strong velcro which makes it a little tricky to use when cycling but good for security reasons.

Muxu Reflective Strips

The sizing is good – I got the size up and it gives me the room to comfortably fit a few layers underneath as I feel the cold. If you’re a regular human being and only need 1 or 2 layers then your standard size will do you fine.

All being said it’s a truly wonderful coat the Muxu Town jacket. It’s minimal features and design make it easy on the eye. The quality of the build will mean it will last you a fair few years – it even came away unscathed during a recent fall from a tree (don’t ask) it’s got the function to make it a great near all year round jacket. It’s a discerning choice and a great choice and is one of the more reasonably priced jackets at £120.

Fit: 9/10
Function: 7/10
Style: 9/10
Value for Money: 8/10
Quality: 9/10

Overall: 42/50

You can buy the Muxu Town Jacket from Always Riding for £120

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